Mancala Game Rules. Mancala is a name given to a large family of “Pit and Seeds” or “Count, Sow and Capture” games – one of the oldest games known. Mancala Instructions. For 2 Players. AGES 6 to Adult. CONTENTS. Folding Wood Gameboard, 48 Colored Glass “Stones” Velvet Drawstring Bag. OBJECT. Mancala or Oware Rules. African and Asian classic board game – comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Masters Traditional Games.

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Included are the instructions for four different mancala games, and other board games, puzzles, crafts, and games of didections. Also known as “count and capture” games, mancala games encourage kids to conduct thought experiments, counting tokens and comparing tactics in their heads before they move a game piece.

Dieections ideal to open with your 3rd hole because now your last stone lands in your mancala. Now, you play your rightmost hole to score another point and drop your last stone into your opponent’s 3rd hole this blocks him to do the same.

The game has no African origins despite many claims to the contrary, even by its inventor, because there is no such game in the whole of Africa. A second turn is allowed when it falls into the Kalah.

The storage pit to your right is your storage pit. Archives de Psychologie If the answer is no, your turn is over and your opponent gets to sow seeds. Oware, a West African variant of mancala, is a more sophisticated game.


Mancala Game Rules

What are the Mancala Rules? And then play begins:. Email will not be published required. African Mankala in dirrections perspective. Subscribe to our Feed via RSS.

Moving counter clockwise, place the stones one by into the other cups on the board, one stone direcitons a time. Players sow pieces around the board, including one into their Kalah dirdctions they pass. How Do You Play Spades? Mancala is a name given to a large family of “Pit and Seeds” or “Count, Sow and Capture” games – one of the oldest games known. Want to play online? The six small cups and the Mancala on your side of the board belong to you, and the cups and Mancala on your opponents side of the board belong to her.

He started selling it inpatented the design and rules in the s and founded the Kalah Game Company in Mancqla, Massachusetts in If you drop a stone into your own store, deposit it and that stone is safe. If you run into your opponent’s store, skip it.

Mancala games for kids

There are about different Mancala games, some versions are simple like Kalah or Oware but others like Omweso or Bao can be very complicated as they are played on two boards and sometimes played in a reverse direction.

Directiions does not matter which cup you choose. After you do dropped all your stones and capture any stones, your turn is over. The six small holes on your side of the game board belong to you. This score one point and enables diections an additional turn.


If that house belongs to your opponent, and it contains 2 or 3 seeds, then you get to collect those seeds as well.

Then players take turns “sowing” and “capturing” seeds. The game continues with players alternating turns. Home Games Mancala Game Rules. Setting up Before you begin to play, set up the game board. For educational purposes only. Leave this field empty.

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The earliest evidence of mancala may come from Eritrea, where archaeologists have found game boards dating from the 6th or 7th direcitons AD. Such qualities have inspired educators in Africa, Europe, and the United States to bring mancala into the classroom. The players now count their stones in their mancala and the player with the most stones wins the game.

How to play Mancala: What are the Mancala Rules? – How Do You Play It – How Do You Play It

The second, Oware, can be enjoyed by older children. Once you placed all the stones, your turn ends and your opponent repeats mancwla process.

If you want to play the games with your kids, you can buy a game board. Place the board between you and your opponent.