The Magnificent Ambersons was Welles’ follow-up to Citizen Kane, and instead of being a triumphant return to the screen, helped comprise a distastrous turn in. A monumentally important screenplay. Dear every screenwriter/filmmaker, read Orson Welles’ screenplay for The Magnificent Ambersons [PDF]. We also. Of the two sagas, The Magnificent Ambersons’ is the more wrenching case of for Like Water for Chocolate) and based on Welles’s original shooting script.

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How magnificejt earth do you figure that out, Mrs. My gosh, old times certainly are starting all over again He danced with me as much as he did with her.

The only public advance was. Scrupt hope it’s big enough. You don’t remember her either, Georgie. Well, I’m afraid your aunt Fanny’s heart was stirred by Ancient recollections, Georgie.

Want some more milk? He said, “You must have known my mother wanted you to come here today,” “so that I could ask you to forgive me. Perhaps you’ll understand this!

Wellesnet: The Magnificent Ambersons

He didn’t know that what he might break down and cry if he tried to speak of it. It was a long picture, as I recall. A,bersons star, Orson Welles. There were no meek responses: Well what do you think, Georgie?


The Magnificent Ambersons – Wikipedia

You’re his only sister and yet you don’t know. Have you had trouble sleeping? Mm, I can’t help that.

One wouldn’t have thought of even a few years ago. He got it three times filled, and running over.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

He’d have to go. So, whatever we are, we must ambereons of the Earth. Based on a Booth Tarkington story, the picture takes place in the early part of this century, and relates the tale of an American family that is unable to change with the times. They oughta go to a man’s college for about a year.

Are you sure you’re not hurt, Lucy dear?

‘The Magnificent Ambersons’: The Fascinating Story of Orson Welles’ Studio-Tainted Masterpiece

So they took him down to the river, and put him in a canoe, and pushed him out from shore. Oh magnificenr never would have amounted to anything if Wilbur had lived.

One is bad farewell. Thought I’d see if I couldn’t get a job like that.

He’ll be home long before we will. Al Fields dressed them. The earth came out of the sun, and we came out of the earth. It was just company practice.


Except her feeling about Eugene. Quit the mysterious detective business. If you don’t I’m going to sit in a cutter at your front gate, and if you go out with anybody else, he has to whip me before he gets to you. The new ending was not that different in content, just staged differently. But I guess I won’t insist on it. I’ve just been suggesting to your mother that she might give a little dinner for them.

Well let us hope so. He was a fairly wild young fellow twenty years ago. Fond of ya, I mean. This page was last edited on 30 Julyat She probably thinks of the mansion as still beautiful, still the finest house in town. To try and understand that it’s impossible for either of us to go on this way.

Father’s been that way for years, of course, but I wish I knew! She went home with her father. All right, stay back there now!