Transplantation. Jul 27;66(2) Uricosuric effect of the angiotensin II receptor antagonist losartan in heart transplant recipients. Minghelli G(1). This agent promotes uric acid excretion via effects on the organic anion transport The AIIA losartan also produces a uricosuric effect in healthy volunteers. Uricosuric medications (drugs) are substances that increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine, thus reducing the concentration of uric acid in blood plasma. In general, this effect is achieved by action on the proximal tubule of the the uricosurics benzbromarone and losartan had no effect, suggesting these drugs act.

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This adverse effect was not expected, although this raises an important concern with chronically elevated serum uric acid levels precipitating gout attacks.

The authors declare no conflicts of interest in preparing this article. Relation between renal dysfunction and cardiovascular outcomes after myocardial infarction. Renal uicosuric with both drug-insensitive secretion and defective reabsorption of urate: Future studies would be needed to determine if this is the case.

Individuals with secondary hypertension, significant cardiac history including MI within the past year, and transient ischemic attack TIA or cerebrovascular attack CVA within the past 3 years were excluded.

In this study, we first confirmed the uricosuric action of losartan in hypertensive patients in comparison with candesartan.

Although beyond efffect scope of this review, other clinically meaningful results unrelated to gout manifestations have been reported. Angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockers: WolffJennifer L. Renal handling of uric acid in normal and ,osartan subject: It is important to continue to monitor for the side effects that were found within the studies, as well as the common adverse effects associated with ARB use. In a population-based study from the United Kingdom inresults showed that the prevalence of gout losarran increased by In the hydrochlorothiazide monotherapy group, uric acid levels increased from 8.


Second, we examined the effect of losartan and benzbromarone on urinary urate excretion in hypertensive patients with idiopathic hypouricemia with homozygote and compound heterozygote of loss-of-function mutations of URAT1. The hypotensive and uricosuric effect of valsartan compared to losartan in gout patients.

Losartan induced a significant reduction in Sur 6. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol In a hypertensive patient with idiopathic renal hypouricemia who harbored the wild-type URAT1 gene hypertensive case no. There were no statistical differences in the effsct values of Scr 0.

Uricosuric effect of losartan in patients with renal transplants.

A total of eight studies met the inclusion criteria. Clinic BP was measured using a mercury sphygmomanometer and a cuff of appropriate size in accordance with losarhan American Heart Association Committee on Blood Pressure Determination.

The effect of ARBs on the occurrence of gout attacks or other clinical outcomes were not represented. Cardiovascular drugs and serum uric acid.

The effect of angiotensin II receptor blockers on hyperuricemia

On the other hand, in hypouricemic hypertensive patients with URAT1 mutations hypertensive case no. J Clin Hypertens J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst ; There are differences in the chemical structures of the ARBs, there is potential for the ARB to be cis -inhibitory or trans -stimulating or both, and there uricousric variability amongst ARBs uricosric have inhibitory effects on the uptake of uric acid by the URAT1 receptor [ Iwanaga et al.


Both drugs were well tolerated; however, there was one serious adverse effect noted in the study that was not described by the authors [ Rayner et al. Newer agents such as pegloticase have also emerged in treatment guidelines, but the use of these agents is effecct recommended in severe gout when oral agents have failed [ Khanna et al.

More on this topic A comparison of the efficacy and duration of action of candesartan cilexetil and losartan as assessed by clinic and ambulatory blood pressure after a missed dose, in truly hypertensive patients: Erfect renal-specific transporter mediates facilitative transport of organic anions at the brush border membrane of mouse renal tubules.

Losartan was well tolerated and no participants experienced urate nephropathy [ Shahinfar et al.

Retrieved from ” https: Serum levels of potassium and uric acid were elevated.