Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. 11, , as amended by Law. # of Feb. Company Law (“Ley de Sociedades”) #, effective Dec. . Bolsa de Valores de la República Dominicana (), created in. Ley No. , sobre Las Sociedades Comerciales y. Empresas Individuales de Responsabilidad Limitada, en República Dominicana.

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The management of corporations must consist of a board of directors of at least three members, which do not have to be natural persons. Interest on debt is tax deductible.

A public offering is an invitation delivered to the public via some form of mass communication to sell, purchase, or trade securities. Closed funds involve investments in securities and commodities that are designated by law to have a fixed expiration or maturity date.

Where a grave violation not expressly listed in the law is committed, a court will determine the applicable penalties. Our knowledge of company law is widely available, respected, and regularly referenced, and covers company formation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and dissolution; and related business areas such as contracts, employment, labor, company finance, company tax, litigation, dispute resolution, and intellectual property.

RD entrega en la COP23 su tercera comunicación nacional sobre cambio climático

Restricting transfer of shares to heirs or spouse of a shareholder is possible. Our attorneys can properly structure your business to meet stock market requirements, assist and represent you in regulatory, reporting, compliance and enforcement issues, manage your relationships with market participants, and domijicana advisory services in general corporate matters related to the Dominican stock market and its regulations.

Administrative fines ranging from 50, to 1, pesos approx. The BSRD, supervised by the Superintendent of Securities, comprises self-regulated companies with registered seats on the stock exchange for the purpose of exchanging securities in an orderly manner.

Repeated offenses may result in double the last fine and permanent disqualification dlminicana market participation. Annually and filed with the DGII republics if the company had no income or business activity. A broker can be any Dominican or foreign individual or company that is regularly engaged in broker activities either on or off the stock market. The agency also imposes administrative penalties specified by law.


Two agencies are responsible for monitoring market activities: Transfer of the business signifies the sale of the business. Dominican companies le the same taxes at the same rates regardless of the company structure. Good for individually owned businesses. Management is by one or more individuals or a board of individuals as established in the by-laws. All information obtained about an issuer for risk republics is kept confidential. BARDmanages trading activities related to agricultural, agro-industry, and mining products including commodity and futures contracts and commodity derivatives.

The National Securities Council is a seven-member body comprising a representative of the Central Bank, a representative appointed by the Ministry of Treasury, the Chair of the Superintendent of Securities, and four private-sector members. Simplified Corporations are best for medium to large-sized businesses that require special shareholder provisions for corporate governance purposes.

Withholding Tax Companies must withhold and pay the required taxes on stockholder dividends, employee payroll, and payment to individuals.

Nuestra firma

Returns must be accompanied by financial statements audited by a Certified Public Accountant. Company formation is best managed by a local attorney, and carefully monitored by you.

Interest and dividends on approved securities traded on the exchange are exempt from all taxes, and securities placed on the BVRD by the Ministry of Treasury are afforded special exemptions under the laws governing their issuance. None of the members, individually or collectively, are liable for the debt obligations of the company.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

Registration is not necessary if the activity of the foreign company is limited to acquiring equity in a local business entity or to occasional transactions in the Dominican Republic. A company seeking working capital can put its securities into one of these pension funds. The law establishes the agencies responsible for supervising the market, and governs who can offer securities, the public offering procedure, and the roles of all market participants involved in the exchange of securities.

Register the company name Clearing a company name can be time consuming as most commonly selected names are already in use by others. A separate accounting of the pool of asset-backed securities is kept, and is considered distinct from the accounting of the originating company.


Also, shareholders of the company, foreign or local, who do not already have an individual tax number must obtain it at this time. Together, the two have contributed to preparing regulations to assist existing companies in the transition to current Company Lawand have co-authored additional articles on the SRL LLC company structure in the only Dominican law review, Gaceta Judicial.

Registration Once the offering is approved, the securities and issuer must republicq registered reupblica the Securities Exchange Registry, which will publish for public notice the name of the issuer, the types of securities and their ratings, and the broker handling placement of the securities on the exchange. The definition includes stock shares, stock options, bonds, warehouse receipts and other documents representing present or future commodities, certificates, debentures, securitized forms of debt, and any other type of negotiable commercial document.

Minutes of the meeting must be recorded with the Business Registry.

Local branches of foreign companies receive the same tax treatment as Dominican companies and are subject to the same local laws and regulations in labor and other matters. No management supervisor is required. Once the offering is approved, the securities and issuer repulbica be registered with the Securities Exchange Registry, which will publish for public notice the name of the issuer, the types of securities and their ratings, and the broker handling placement of the securities on the exchange.

Shares in a Simplified Corporation are negotiable, although restrictions may be established in its bylaws. These free zones should be located at a distance of not less than three 3 nor more than twenty-five 25 kilometers from the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.