japAkusumabhAsurAM japavidhau smaredambikAm || || atha shrI lalitA sahasranAmAvalI || OM aiM hrIM shrIM shrImAtre namaH | OM shrImahArAj~nai namaH |. श्रीललितासहस्रनामावली सार्थ Introduction In this page shrI lalitA sahasranAmam is presented in a name-by-name format with a brief meaning for . Introduction to Sri Lalita Sahasranama · Greatness of The Mantra · Sahasranama Stotram · Sahasra Namavali · PhalaSruthi Names of Lalita Devi.

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Sree Lalita Sahasra Namavali – English | Vaidika Vignanam

Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Vishnu with the horse head and is believed to be the storehouse of knowledge. Look Inside the Book. Thara kanthi thiraskari nasabharana bhasura.

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Daksha insulted her husband and she jumped in to the fire and ended her life. This requires the Power of Knowledge.

She who will be the witness to the great dance to be performed by the great lord at the end of the worlds. We do not share your contact information with anyone. She killed all his army using Pasupathastra and killed him with Kameshwarasthra. I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!!

Meditate on her, Who applies saffron on her body, Who applies musk attracted by bees on her, Who has a beautiful smile, Who has with her bows, arrows and Pasangusa, Who attracts all the souls, Who wears red garland, Who wears ornaments great, And who is of the colour of the red hibiscus.


Meditate I do, On her who sits on a lotus, On her who has a smiling face, On her who has long eyes like the lotus leaf, On her who glitters like gold, On her who wears red cloths, On her who has a golden lotus in her hand, On her who grants all desires, On her who is dressed with perfection, On her who gives protection, On her who has soft heart to her devotees, On her who is Sri vidyaOn her who is forever peaceful, On her who is worshipped by gods, And on her who gives all wealth.

This stotra occurs in Brahmanda purana in the chapter that contains the discussion between Hayagreeva [1] and Agasthya [2].

‎Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namavali by Ramani Sasthrigal on Apple Music

Lalithambigai Temple Pilgrimage Thirumaiyachur. Sindhuraruna vigraham trinayanam manikya mouli spurath Thara Nayaga sekaram smitha mukhi mapina vakshoruham, Panibhayam alipoorna ratna chashakam rakthothpalam vibhrathim, Soumyam ratna gatastha raktha charanam, dhyayeth paramambikam. She who is personification of meditation, the being who meditates and what is being sahzsranamavali upon. Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. I am grateful to be your customer.

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. In the sixteenth lives Varahi alias Dandini who is her commander in chief. Paramashiva woke up and opened his third eye and burnt the God of love into ashes. Srividyam santhamuthim sakala suranutham sarva sampat pradhatrim. Chanting each name has separate benefits.


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Thanks many times over! She who enjoys the ecstatic state of oneness of one who sees, sight and what is seen or She who gets pleasure in drinking the nectar flowing from the thousand petalled lotus below the brain. The gods then praised her. For privacy concerns, sxhasranamavali view our Privacy Policy.

This page provides LalithaSahasranamam with meanings in english. Heeding for their request Paramashiva stared at the ashes of Manmatha.

Lalitha Sahasranamam

Sathi took birth as the daughter of the mountain Parvathy Himalayas and started doing penance on Shiva for getting him as her husband. She who gave her breasts which are like the pot made of Rathna precious stones and has obtained the love of Kameshwara.

Agasthya is one of the great sages of yore who is one of the stars saharsanamavali the constellation great bear. To read it easily you can recite from previous page click – Lalitha Sahasranamam. Sathi took birth as the daughter of the mountain Parvathy Himalayas and started doing penance on Shiva for getting him as her husband.

Shri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.