Jim said: If you read only one book on leadership please, don’t choose this “ La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo” as Want to Read: . pero deberían enviar al infierno de los escritores a James C. Hunter por . JAMES C. HUNTER is head of J. D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a leadership training and development firm. His internationally bestselling book, The Servant: A. Buy La paradoja / The Servant: Un Relato Sobre La Verdadera Esencia Del Liderazgo by James C. Hunter (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership

To provide us with this message, Mr Hunter has his narrator, a struggling business leader, attend a week-long course at a mon The key points are, roughly a think about leadership, rather than management; b try to lead with authority, rather than power. It is a dialogue between 4 individuals. In the end, basic principles of be kind, and kinder still.

Read the book to learn what the levels lideraago Theresa, a Hispanic public school principal from downstate spoke next, and then Chris, a tall, attractive, black woman who coached women’s basketball at Michigan State University. Relational bank accounts – start at zero, withdrawals, deposits Legislate behaviors as a condition of employment Because if you want to work here this is how we behave.

I think this content would have been better served by a more straightforward, non-fiction, informational book. Interesting cast of characters getting leadership coaching from a cloistered Monk who once was a renowned leader in industry. Overall a great read – another practical leadership book told in story form. This is not a bad thing, it just is.

If you’re I had to read this book as a part of my training for a mission trip leadership position. Return huntdr Book Page. Why pwradoja the notion of responsibilty that is applied to individuals also leveled at corporations? So basically, some folks stay in bad jobs because they need the money for food, rent, and gas.


Analyzing only the quality of the plot comes the question: Tell me what’s wrong with this, Hunter’s introduction to the cast of caricatures Leadership requires enormous effort – you must commit to being a leader so you don’t have to resort to power rather than authority.

The author basically tells the reader in his introduction that he stole a bunch of ideas from people smarter than him and it made him a pile of money. PG Smokers blame cigarette companies to their addiction. Now, as with most of these hackneyed parables on which I rant, I can allow that there are nuggets to extract and add to your toolbox, or at least remind you of some of the tools you already have more reminder than teacher, this one The payoff – “Joy” Not happiness.

In short, a best-selling those He becomes a new man; the most resistance member of the group becomes the most sorry to see the week end; and, as far as we know, everyone lives happily ever after having learned the lessons of servant-leadership.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter

It’s told in a very heavy-handed story form setting: It happens lot but that really rubbed me the wrong way. No meu ponto de vista, um livro bom para a praia.

Also, the part where it’s self-help was supposed to be subtle, making some people believe it can be also about the story, but the charact It’s with pain that I rate it two stars, because I really found it tiring to read it.

How about those gianormous SUVs we see crusing around the burbs? While it does occasionally show its age, it’s an easy-read of an account of a man learning about modern, others-first leadership.

I’ll come back to that. Wouldn’t our world be better served by a more wise use of our resources? I give one star because the writing itself isn’t bad, and another star just because I liked Greg. If you’re after something more, better find authors and titles that are not among the Top It makes a valid point, but that point should have taken 5 pages, not Along the way, he and the other attendees learns that the true foundaton of leadership is not power, but authority, which is built upon relationships, love, service, and sacrifice.


Also, your sexism is showing. Patrick Lencioni does a better job with the genre of leadership lessons in story form. Jul 27, surfurbian rated it did not like it. Personally, I have found the greatest success there have been few for me as a leader when I have placed myself in the service of others.

Livro que tive de ler para o curso de direito. Unconsciously unskilled – don’t know the skill exists and are obviously unskilled. The stories in the book are very engaging and I would say there are a lots to learn from it.

This book is a big proponent of free choice and a critic of determinism. There is a subtle message here that corporations are not to blame for the impact of their actions.

Consciously unskilled – I know I need it, but not good at it yet Conscious and skilled – know it, can do it Unconsciously skilled – natural act and don’t even realize I am doing it well Habit Fact is yes, we have choices but there are limitations on those choices.

They conveniently speak in short paragraphs and magically build on the others’ points with examples and weakly cons “The Servant” carries the subtitle “A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership”.

huntr Fix field “sort by title” 2 Sep 17, Always good to be reminded that leadership is a choice; and leadership is a privilege; and people are human beings, not things to be manipulated for the leader’s own selfish ends.