The Kalmar SmartPower RTG uses intelligent power management system to . All our RTG solutions are designed for reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective . With the Kalmar Hybrid RTG you can cut RTG fuel costs by up to 56 per cent.

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In fact, all the way from toKalmar then Valmet and later, Partek Corporation had delivered 43 diesel-hydraulic MGCs around the world. Automated guided vehicles Automated stacking cranes Automated truck handling Essential Series Essential Forklift Kalmwr 22, lbs Essential Reachstackers Essential Series of empty container handlers, Forklift trucks Electric forklift trucks 11, lbs.

RTG cranes

You can make even greater savings in fuel consumption and emissions with the optional variable speed generator VSGwhich automatically optimises the RPMs according to the required power. Thanks to its modular design, the Kalmar Classic RTG can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your terminal operations. Accessing our website tells us you are happy to receive all our cookies. Because real innovations are timeless. If the equipment is in need of maintenance all we need to do is cross the road from Tecon Santos to Cargotec’s kalnar facilities, where we benefit from quick and personalised after-sales service,” he says.

Because it uses no hydraulics, servicing is straightforward and there are fewer components to inspect and maintain. Legal notice Privacy policy.

Half a century of RTG history | Kalmarglobal

Subscribe to our publications Other sites. This innovative technology can reduce CO2 emissions by tons a year compared to kalmqr conventional RTG, based on a fuel consumption level of 5.


Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam. Containers used to be lighter around the days of mobile gantry cranes, with a maximum lift capacity between 22 to 30 tonnes.

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam. The Kalmar SmartPower RTG combines a significantly smaller diesel engine with smart power management to deliver fuel economy without compromising on performance. Ordered by the Finnish State Railways to solve their logistical challenges, the diesel-hydraulic MGC was — at its time — a state-of-the-art solution for combining the heavy lifting power of gantry cranes with the added benefits of mobility.

Kalmar SmartPower RTG | Kalmarglobal

With a half a century of pioneering experience in port crane technology and over 1, RTGs delivered across the world, nothing would suggest otherwise for the next century of Kalmar cranes. Kamar fuel costs without compromising on productivity Kalmar Hybrid RTG combines a smaller diesel engine with a regenerative energy storage system to deliver fuel savings of up to 56 per cent compared to most diesel RTGs on the market.

With the increasing focus on moves per hour at every modern port, a solution was needed to handle heavy loads with speed and dexterity. Forklift trucks 11, lbs. OPA, Port of Oslo.

The state-of-the art features include e. But the biggest game changer to tip the scale in favour of RTGs was indeed productivity. Cargotec’s wheel design, in combination with the light weight of its cranes, puts less stress on terminal surfaces compared to conventional 8-wheel units.

Forklift trucks 40, lbs. Forklift trucks , lbs. As well as offering significant savings in fuel consumption, the Kalmar Hybrid RTG can also help you reduce noise and emissions at your terminal. The RTG was designed to meet these requirements, with horsepower compared to the inferior hp of mobile gantry cranes. Where the past meets the future Real innovations are often timeless.


While the cutting edge solutions of RTG technology continue to represent the latest innovations in container handling, the very first steps of Kalmar RTGs can be traced back to over 50 years ago — all the way to Artificial intelligence and machine learning are exerting a growing influence on port operations through applications such as remote monitoring, maximising the productivity of terminal machinery and addressing many of the inefficiencies inherent in the maritime supply chain.

Vintage Equipment Industry transformation Intelligent solutions. The order has been booked in the first quarter of OPA, Port of Oslo. This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality.

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG uses up to 10 litres less fuel per hour than most of the diesel RTGs on the market, thanks to its significantly smaller diesel engine and intelligent power management system. When the initial early concepts of RTGs were designed in the early 80s, a certain set of attributes were listed as its desired features: Subscribe to our publications Other sites. OPA, Port of Oslo. With the Kalmar AutoRTG system you can take the automation process at your own pace and choose the path that is right for your business.

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Its modular design makes it easy to tailor to your specific requirements.