Kalighat Paintings refer to the class of paintings and drawings on hand-made or more usually on machine-made paper produced by a group of artists called. Kalighat Paintings is a form of Indian modern art that is inspired by religious and mythological characters as well as civil life. Kalighat paintings, as the name suggests, were created in the Kali Temple area on the ghat (bank) of the Burin Ganga (a canal diverging from the Ganges River) .

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Kalighat Painting by Kalam Patua (India) — Google Arts & Culture

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Kalighat Paintings: Murder in the Collection

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Kalighat Paintings: Well Recognized Form of Indian Modern Art | Utsavpedia

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Vertical 5 Apply Vertical filter. Horizontal 2 Apply Horizontal filter. The paintings are kaoighat done on cloth, paper or canvas with squirrel hair brushes and color pigments. There are 12 search results.

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