“Among the Truthers” is a remarkable book, not least because its author, Jonathan Kay, appears to have emerged with his sanity intact after. Q: I so appreciate Jonathan Kay for highlighting this phenomenon, and Diane for hosting him. I’ve been aware of this trend for several years. In Among the Truthers,journalist Jonathan Kay offers a thoughtful and sobering look at how socialnetworking and Web-based video sharing have engendered a .

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KAY Many conspiracy theorists I spoke with talked about these late night video surfing sessions where they’d get on YouTube or Google Video qmong they’d watch one of these videos. They turn out to be rather appealing specimens. Call for more information. You know, I’m part of the establishment and, of course, I’m simply telling the lies on behalf of the establishment.

It is oddly fortunate to live in a country which is so permissive in free speech, that such completely false and possibly truthfrs statements are allowed. Here are some gems I flagged from this charmer: Of course, Kay only mentions or challenges such beliefs when the source is left of center or directed at the state of Israel which in Kay’s mind amomg by definition anti-Semitic and conspiracist.

Structurally, he attempts to divide the book into three sections: This book helped me, as a logical researcher myself, to understand how seemingly rational people could believe what appear to be just plain crazy lines of aamong. KAY For instance, at this Nashville convention, which was the first national Tea Party convention, one of the featured speakers was someone named Joseph Farah, who is a birther and runs a website called WorldNetDaily, which is probably the leading birther website out there.

Very solid book, well researched, with details that were interesting to learn and well presented.

Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground

The best moments in Kay’s very readable, often captivating journey through the renegade corners of American paranoia lie in his exposition of that pioneering bit of conspiracist bile, The Protocols of the Elders ammong Zion, the notoriously anti-Semitic hoax published in by czarist police and purporting to offer a Jewish plan for world domination, but more so in the personal encounters such as those with Jenkins and trtuhers crowd demonstrations.


I’m going to ignore it. And this is how a democracy should work — thousands of different actors, all seeking their own advantage, co-operating with one another where they have common interest; but also opposing one another where they do not have common interests. Most of them are otherwise integrated members of amonng and they’re mostly male. Fifthly, Kay is a Jewish Zionist who throughout the book defends Jewish Zionists — although he never discloses this fact.

I’m talking specifically about some of the discussions about — there was a program that almost was enacted called Operation Northwoods.

Jonathan Kay: “Among the Truthers”

Truthees couldn’t just click on a set of hyperlinks to see mutually reinforcing videos. The antiracism agenda, the “tolerant” liberals, the anti-semitics, the feminists, and civil liberties activists who rally against the New World Order. He was — for two decades he had been an architect working on retail malls mostly.

A bit of a disappointment. In the book, he charts a history of 20th century conspiracy theories including groups such as the John Birch Society. If anything, trthers is an exercise in social studies. Thanks for the opportunity to review it.

They apparently run America, are the Saudi royal family and have almost all the world’s money and media under their control.

If you want interesting profiles of the people who hold these beliefs, read Jon Ronson’s Themwhich even features some of the same people interviewed by Kay, but in much more depth.

Kay undermines his own argument, injects petty political bias into the text, and just comes across as a jerk. May 26, at 6: One of the big dividing lines is on the question of Jews.


Why do there seem to be so many conspiracy theories gaining traction these days? The problem is that there are certain people you just can’t get because they opt out of even the mainstream education system.

Nov 24, Dan rated it it was amazing. I do, however, expect that when I am reading ka nonfiction book or a piece of reporting, that the author will at least make an attempt at objectivity. He links the rise of the “truthers” to the internet in which all narrative is presented uncritically and postmodernism in which every idea is presented uncritically and none privileged over another.

I don’t know if the author knows anything about that. And there are links on the right side of the page which take you to other videos.

Register now for FREE. The Internet has completely jonaathan that. Conspiracy theorists are, in a word, bores. Understanding the psychological and cognitive processes involved in becoming a conspiracy theorist is the stated project of the book, and a very worthwhile topic. Indeed, as Kay digresses more and more emphatically on affirmative action pp.

Among the Truthers – Wikipedia

But more so even than the Lincoln assassination, was the populist upheavals of the late 19th century, and the populist movements. The prose and analysis are sharp, and the historical, political, psychological, and sociological forces behind conspiracy theories are well researched, discussed, and captured.

And then, I think it washe was driving along the highway and he heard another jonzthan theorist on the radio, whose name was David Ray Griffin, and all of a sudden he had to pull his car to the side of the road because just, as he describes it, the truth just hit him about