Here are a few passages I found interesting in Jason BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation. Overall I recommend it highly, especially for Christians but. by. Jason David BeDuhn. · Rating details · 75 ratings · 13 reviews. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain. Jason BeDuhn knows that adding “other” to the text does not show that [ BeDuhn, “Truth in Translation” p] So what exactly are objectors to.

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How do I know all this?

However, when that edition of the Christian Greek Scriptures was first released, the entire system of “J references” and footnotes to the Hebrew versions was fully intact. Confirms I’m using jwson best translation: Although a few Protestant biblical scholars participated in the [New American Bible] translation, it is largely the work of Catholic scholars and received the sanction of the Catholic church. I do not think it is the best possible translation for a modern English reader; but at least it breaks with the KJV tradition franslation by all the others, and it does so in the right direction by paying attention to how Greek grammar and syntax actually work.

Yet, it is no more, or no less, bias if that same translation then uses “worship” with either one or both Jesus and God. The word was also used as a form of address to people of transaltion status, in the form “your worship.

Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Each time we choose one of those words, we have a whole range of linguistic, literary, cultural, historical, and interpretative or contextual arguments for why we feel that is the best English word to communicate the meaning and nuance of the Greek word. Which translation that is depends on the readers whether or not to accept. As a result, among the popular-selling Bibles, it is the other translations that are the least flawed and bias. He defended his iason in subsequent radio and television appearances by pointing to the historical contribution of youth to social idealism and cultural innovation.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Pee Tee rated it it was amazing Mar 23, We will come back to this later. But the selection of passages has not brduhn arbitrary.

There is no reason for the NWT not to have “Jehovah” here according to its own principles. You should read the entire chapter from Truth in Translation. Many readers of Truth in Translation will feel that BeDuhn has brought a strong personal, theological bias to this chapter. It is of course always a discussion as to which scholar to lean on and which not to, but as far as I am concerned, my personal opinion, I as a rule listen more to what the linguists have to say than I listen to the theologians, because of bias.


They do so primarily because the gesture of prostration is directed to Jesus, and in that circumstance they translate differently under the pressure of theological bias. But since Paul uses all things appositively that is, interchangeably with creationwe must still reckon with Christ’s place as the first-born of creation, and so jazon first-born of all things.

Yet, he does raise an interesting bedduhn in translating New Testament Greek into English. Thus, there is an element of motive in the present day English word worship. Betti rated it liked it Aug 04, BeDuhn then uses Colossians 1: Among these are his constant lapsing into his own I have never considered any of the books I have rated on Goodreads susceptible to achieving only one star but this book does it.

However, BeDuhn makes another statement which we will follow up tguth later.

“Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download

At very best, I will only be able to summarize BeDuhn’s main arguments before adding my own commentary. This will include the added words which BeDuhn has italicized. Jonathan rated it liked it Jul 23, I don’t know how they do it, but they have been around for years.

I think the best solution in reviewing this chapter is to let BeDuhn speak for himself, even though it will be lengthy. It is perfectly legitimate for those various interpretations to be made and maintained on the basis of a biblical text that does not preclude them. In addition—as we will see in discussing the appendix—does he assume that replacing the word “Lord” to distance passages from Jesus when there is no ancient New Testament textual support of any kind is not a translation bias of the highest order?

Catholicism, while generally committed to the idea that what the Church believes can be proven by and is grounded in the Bible, maintains the view that Christian doctrine was developed, or brought to more precise clarity on key points, by the work of theologians over time.

John Ricketts rated it it was amazing Dec 07, However, our translators must discipline themselves in order to avoid theological bias. My father even had one out when I went to see him last weekend, and made mention several times that most secularscholars think that the NWT is the most accurate.


It could mean “wind,” “breath” or “life-spirit,” “a level of reality,” or “spirit creatures. Interpretation, commentary and paraphrase are not translation. On page 34 of the book, regarding the New American Bible, BeDuhn says “One might assume a distinctly Catholic bias in the finished product.

He had criticisms for every translation he reviewed, highlighting cases of theological bias in the translation process, although the evidence implicates some translations more than others. The second basis for using “Jehovah” relies upon a set of texts that similarly employ a form of “Jehovah” in particular passages of the New Testament. Nonetheless, I am in full agreement that the choice of English words must come from the meaning of the Greek words within the passage. This biography of an American theology academic is a stub.

On a first level, the translation principles BeDuhn describes are objective and are of extreme value. The problem is that Protestant Christianity was not born in a historical vacuum, and does not truthh back directly to the time that the Bible was written.

“Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download

Yet, if they use worship of those kneeling before God, they have introduced a theological bias. Both translations are inserting words to lead to the same doctrinal conclusion that the AB spells out in one of its interpretive brackets, that “the sum total of the divine perfection, powers, and attributes” are to be found in Christ.

Published April 29th by Trajslation Press of America first published In other areas of this website I make reference to a two translatiin study from the Kingdom Interlinear Translation in which I compared the occurrences of Kurios Lord in the New Testament with their immediate context and, when applicable, with their Old Testament references.

Among these are his constant lapsing into his own bias interpretation, incorrect handling of John 1: At the time, the books of what became the New Testament, except for Paul’s letters, had not been written. Sep 09, Joshua rated it it was amazing. Even with that, however, one word in upper case letters in a lower case sentence tends to bias in one direction, whereas all lower case letters clearly biases in the other.