Dr. Jaideva Singh has an admirable command over both Sanskrit and English and has presented an exposition of this book with remarkable success. BOOKS. Siva Sutras are considered to be a revealed book of the Yoga: supreme identity of the individual self with the Divine. Dr. Jaideva Singh has studied the book. Jaideva Singh is the author of Spanda-Karikas ( avg rating, 29 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness ( avg.

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These are, however, not watertight compartments. It has still to realize the Saiva tattvathe nature of the Central Reality which is both prakasa and vimarsa in one and the source of both the vdcaka and vacya of the sadadhva.

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He is, therefore, liberated and is no longer subject to birth and death. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Yuddhakanda in 2 parts.

Vijnanabhaira va 77 NOTES Though seated on a soft seat or bed, the aspirant should con- template with firm belief that his body is without the support of any seat or bed whatsoever. This is inverted union.

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Finally the aspirant has to pass over to Parama Siva who is the subtlest and the highest void, free of all conditions sarvavastha-vivarjitamwho is sunya only in the sense that he is transcendent to all manifestation and defies all characteriza- tion by the mind.


They are meant to induce the aspirants to tread the path of righteousness and spiritual practices in order that they may ultimately realize the nature of Bhairava which is non-different from their essential Self. Pada is the actual formulation of that universe by mind reaction and speech. The ideal of Saivagama is not the rejection of the universe but its assimilation to its Source.

This is also Saktopaya. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This ascent to the Divine is known as aroha or adhyaroha kramathe process of ascent. This means that the sense of the body should vanish and all thoughts and emotions should be completely arrested.

These energies are anuttaraanandaicchajhana and kriya. It con- sists of bheda — difference or division. That state of Bhairava is plenary state, a universal, all pervasive delight of creativity bharitakara. That is why it is said to be the splendour of infinite consciousness. I am Siva or the Divine is the ddi prapa i.

The entrance of prana into adhah kundalini is sahkoca or vahni; rising into urdhva kundalini is vikasa or visa. Abhinavagupta has quoted this dharana in Tantraloka v. When this is effected, a drop of light will be visible there.

It is by the efflorescence of pratyasakti in the suwmna or the medial channel of prana in the interior of the spinal column that kuntfalinl awakens when one has the experience of the union of the indi- vidual consciousness with the universal consciousness.


The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation. It sibgh used as jaidevq which means a sacred formula which protects one by reflection manandt trdyate jaideca mantrah. Owing to the introversion of the mind, he experiences great peace which may give him a taste of divine bliss.

Jaideva Singh

It is only through breath that prana or life-force can be influenced. In confirmation of the above expla- nation Jayaratha quotes the verses 61 and 62 of Vijnana- bhairava.

Shri Ramacharitamanasa of Tulasidasa Compact Edition. Roles and Rituals for Hindu Women. This consists in rejecting everything external and entering com- pletely within oneself by means of nimilana samadhi— ‘testes? Finally appears the unmana stage which transcends all mentation, which achieves Siva-consciousness and is characterized by the consciousness of unity of the entire cosmos. The word hrt or heart does not mean the physical jaiedva.

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