Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl. Book 2 of The Empress’ New Clothes: NO MERCY, tells us the story of King. Buy a cheap copy of No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, Book 2) by Jaid Black. Book 2 in the series Trek Mi Q’an Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a. Rem Q’an Tal, King of Sypar, High Lord of the Gryok Sectors knew that he was going to die soon if he didn’t find his Sacred Mate. He had been alive for.

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Rem was starting to devolve a type of insanity because he had been without his mate for so long. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl Number of sex scenes: Rem after the Jera facade is slowly going mad and without finding his true Nl Mate he will devolve into a basier animal instincts.

Short and sweet story. Bascially a killing monster and the most feared fate of Tystonians who don’t find Mercj Mates or lose them. Quite a bit happens in this one and they touch on stuff with Death and Kil and even with the daughters of Kyra and Geris.

No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, #2) – Jaid Black • BookLikes (ISBN)

Plus, I find the whole kidnapping a gal and then initating sex when she is scared as to close to rape despite the fact that supposedly she is enjoying it. The author used similar language in all of these books, which added to the humor. However, I find that this is going to probably be a guilty pleasure series for me and that I have a compulsion to read the rest of the books just to see how it all ends up.

In a last ditch effort Rem travels on to Earth and finds his scared mate Mecry. The author came up with a few more creative ways of having sex.


Mainly because everyone, myself included, knows what Jaid Black books are all about, and is mentally prepared when reading one of them.

Apr 24, MK rated it liked it Shelves: Popular covers see all 6 covers. Apr 30, Fannie rated it maid it Shelves: Engler was officially recognized by Romantic Times Magazine with their first ever Trail Blazer award as the mastermind of erotic romance as you know and love it today. Refresh and try again. Still, a few offensive things are the utter and complete spoiling of the royal class and it makes them seem rather stuck up jid be honest.

Also writing as Jasmine LeVeaux That part I think is ridiculous and I get the storyline and merdy theme, but it is totally degrading women and I had a huge problem with that!

This series was a lot for me to take in because of the highly sexualized nature of the cultures the characters live in, but I mercyy it. On the way back to the seventh dimension with his new bride the ship plummets out of the sky with Rem, Giselle, Death, Yoli bound servant3 Warriors, and Giselle’s 2 poodles narrowly surviving. No Mercy by Jaid Black Series: But it all read the same and there was no emotional connection so it came off as flat.

World building exists, but it’s a cartoonish world filled with massive and massively oversexed beings. Is this an blqck or child’s book?

No Mercy Book Summary and Study Guide

For example, rooms were called “chambers. I don’t really know at this point. One of these books from the trek mi q’an series goes a long way.

Then they go through a portal to another world in the 6th dimension, that Rem has been to before in the past. I like that Gis is from Australia and Rem saved her dogs as well! Still, a few offensive things are the utter and complete bpack of the royal class and it makes them seem Hrm It was true that Anthony was a disgusting loser, but better to get her first night over with and move on.

Bei diesem Buch wollte ich eigentlich Jiad 1 kaufen, aber war nicht bereit den vollen Preis zu zahlen. However this has been one of my least favorites. Einige oder besser gesagt viele Szenen sind richtig albern. I was going to write a long review and yadda yadda, but then decided against it. To make things worse, everyone seems obsessed with her freckles and keep comparing her to the Goddess Aparna.


Jun 10, Carolyn F. No current Talk conversations about this book. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 53. I could not quite figure out how Rem and Giselle grew from lust to love and in part I think this was challenging for me because women are really playing such a subservient role.

Rem finds his true mate in Australian virgin girl shows Giselle. So, even with the stupid sexual assault and kidnapping, and all the misogyny, I still basically enjoyed this book. Rem’s issue cleared up quickly book wise which helped in decreasing the over merrcy male dominance of the series.

Jan 02, Brutally Honest rated it liked it Shelves: It would have been nice if she did this with one book per couple. If you are curious about the series, I would start with the first book “The Empress’ New Clothes” and go from there, but there is definitely heavy alpha male dominance issues in this book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

There were some good lines causing me to chuckle. I especially loved the whole saving Rem from becoming a beast thing as well! Then, of course, my very next thought was “This SO has to be a man writing under a pen name! Also, what’s with Jaid Black’s heroes? He knew his brothers feared for him, but he had searched the universe over and had yet to find his sacred mate.

The hero and heroine were “meh”, didn’t care much for them and the whole book seemed okay and boring. She megcy it couldn’t have emitted from her date, the man sitting across from her in the quaint restaurant.