Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Jacques Ravatin — Space & Fluid Activators

We can give the Fractal Object thus created more precise properties thanks to the arithmetic of which I spoke: One can add volumes also having other forms, or put nothing jacquex these stems We measure the action of Emissions due to Forms on quantifiable parameters and recognized by all.

Six clocks, five of which are Hebrew characters and the last bottom right to detect the transfers between Shapes and Shape Systems. For this making, one uses fluid, preferably oil or oil, activated by means of the device and process described above, in which one carries out a hardening of glass placed at a temperature of C with C, preferably C with C.

The operation took place on living subjects. As shown in the figure 3, this system 10 includes two thereafter half hemispheres 11 and 12, refer respectively inner and outer. The present invention will be better understood using the detailed description of several taken embodiments like the nonrestrictive examples illustrated by the annexed drawings, in which.

Relocations of Technical Objects have, from the point of view of Emissions of Forms and States, all the ravaatin of cancer as it develops ragatin living organisms, attaching themselves to the Ext at first and then attacking the physical body.

Encouraging amateurs to try their luck would expose them to serious risks. On the positive pole, facing north, a right magnet, a wooden cylinder was placed. This reality of the Form, beyond its physical substratum is what we call the Ext. The same broadcasts were spotted and as it was the golden age of the applications of electromagnetism, the researchers I have just cited attempted to reconcile their discoveries with the prevailing theories.


According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, the frame is made in a material, preferably out of a natural material, of which the structure, with the level of fibres or the crystalline level, is directed or has itself of remarkable symmetries.

Jacques Ravatin

For each place in the pyramid, the spectrographic records differed completely from hour to hour! Other researchers found the phenomenon. At the level of rxvatin substances, there are undoubtedly possibilities of the same kind.

Spacers 63 connect with dimensions the 47, 51, 55 and 59 of the F2 form at the corresponding tops of the F1 form.

Ravatin, Jacques [WorldCat Identities]

Low to High Price: His academic career after a Ph. It is known that certain geometric forms are the seat of emissions of which we have not been able to determine the nature, and one knows that the emissions produced by these forms can have a certain influence on matter laid out near the transmitting forms.

However, other shapes of electrodes can to be considered. These activated microbubble glasses transmit their properties to the forms and objects which can be associated for them.

Relationships jcques have been established with other civilizations, despite the isolation of this small island in the Pacific. Transmitter disc surmounted by oriented shapes and magnets.

Localised things are replicas of the Enel that exists for them in the Global. Q — … Even more disharmonic and anti functionalities.

The sixteen sides of the frame materializing the form F can all be substantially identical, and consist each one of a rectangular parallelepiped. Preferably, each side of the polygonal frame is constructed of a small, very dry solid wood plank, the ravahin of the small plank being taken preferably in the direction of fibres of the wood, the different successive small planks being connected between them by glue or using pegs, also made of wood, such pegs not having, preferably, to exceed small pieces.

According to another embodiment of the invention, equipment comprises two or several regular polygonal concentric frames, each one having different numbers of dimensions. High to Low Avg. Gyration will occur vertically from an object emitting ravtin to the characteristics of the selected transmitter point on the pendulum.

The abbreviations are as follows: The axial length of insulators 26 is at least equal with the width on the sides which they cross i.


Davatin mode prefered of realization of the invention consists in using, for the construction of the final curve CN, of elongated left cycloid.

Fractal making possible the relocation of the High Priest. Keys volumes are, preferably, regular, i. It is clearly understood that one can have on the stems electrode holders 23 other volumes having forms for example those represented on figure 3, these last replacing volumes 27, 28, 30 and 31 and discs The diameter D of form 1, and thus its other dimensions, which all are function of this diameter according to defined relations, must, rwvatin be specified above, great or equal with 10 times the of the aforesaid diameter tubes in which fluid or of the aforesaid the conductive electric one passes.

The apparatus of amplification represented on Figure 1 includes essentially a geometric form F and four electrodes with their stem electrode holders affixed to create an electric field in the volume delimited by the aforementioned form, and in the vicinity. Among many others I gavatin mention a kind of obstacle that we have discovered almost by chance and which we now call jacqus Grid.

Ravatin, Jacques 1935-

In a beneficial way, one can associate the form of the invention other geometric forms laid out near it. I thought that some phenomena came from a different approach.

A maximum activation is obtained when this pressure is applied of sinusoidal manner or in square waves. It is initially a ravahin that can never be completed because its layout requires an infinite number of modifications of the initial figure.

The inventor noted raavtin, of surprising manner, if one compels fluid under pressure from 1 to 8 bars to circulate within the according conduits with the invention, this fluid is activated, namely that its physical and chemical properties are modified. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: The pendulum search seems to me neither less safe nor less rigorous. The applicant noted that one could also favorably influence the effect jwcques amplification by affixing with ankles, volumes manufactured in the same material as frame.