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Skaric kaze izricno da je trzan “seosko igriste, sredselo”.

Istorijsko poreklo Srba

According to Zupanic and others, Ptolemy’s text places the Orinei, Vali andSerboi in Asian Sarmatia, in a broad area between the Don and Volga rivers, between the Black and Caspian seas south of the northern edge of the Caucasus range: In this area, Toynbee specu- lates: Istorija Srba u ranom srednjem veku obuhvata period od naseljavanja Srba sa ostalim slovenskim plemenima na Balkan u prvoj polovini 7.

Following a defeat at the hands of the Lombards, Procopius wrba, the Germanic Heruls were given free passage through Slavs lands,m dudingA ntes lands in Danubia-Carpathia, in the early 6th century. The Serbs of the two Luzicas are called Sorbs so as to distinguish them from the southern Serbs. The cultic celebrations of the warrior class rat hest a were the most solemn and impressive and at the same time the most secular and political.

The San- skrittam os or dark is the Serb tarn, tamno; the Sanskritk r s n a or black is the Serbc rna. Agathias’On the Reign of Justinian covers the period ; Theophylactus Simocattes’ eight-volume history of the Emperor Maurice ; the Strategion of Maurice, an early 7th century Byzantine military handbook, particularly the section titled ‘On the habits and tactics of each of the foreign peoples’; Paschal s Chronicle, a work covering the period up toespecially the reigns of emperors Phokas and Heraclius.

Ovde se radi sam o tobe da se pronadju i objasne klasicni tragovi i stariji pomeni srpskog imena, koliko je to moguce na osnovnu antickih podataka i istoriske fonetike. Advanced Search Find a Library. Popowska-Taborska sums up the view of such eminent Slavists as Dobrovsky, Anton and Safarik in the following terms: Veliku promenu na Balkanskom poluostrvu donela je bitka kod Anhijala Numerous place names in Germania appear to be derived from Slavic words for breath, spirit, soul e.


According to Byzantine sources, in some instancesthey were Slavscalled Avars F. Continuing the course of reasoning of Z. Aliodavdeni konijei zasagladan S usreti, January-Feburary, Zupanic locates the Vali on the Ljasva River, which, he notes, is also the name of a river in Bosnia.

Remorseful and heartbroken, Sam searches for Zal, finds him in early manhood, confesses his crime, and is forgiven by Zal, who begets the glorious and invincible Rustem. So there is insufficient ground to derived Proto-Slavic Svarog from Iranian.

Benveniste, Une correlation slavo-iranienne, FsT M. Intriguing evidenceofs i gni fi – cant numbers of Slavs north and east of the Caucasus in found in Gardizi’s account of Kirghiz origins. Some speculate that Bamberg B am b erga—primum vocatafiiitBambergh.

Gimbutas, The Slavs, I cannot say whether one name preceded the other, or whether both appeared at the same time. Stoga nije nikakvo cudo sto se neretljanski Sloveni, tako reel odmah po svomdolasku,posveti li ratovanjui osvajanjuna Jadranu M.

Istkrijsko of his wives who had voluntarily agreed to be burned together with her dead hus- band was iatorijsko to the boat by an old porreklo calledthe Angel of Death, and was stabbed at the side of the corpse; whereupon the wood piled upon it had been consumed, the ashes were collected and scattered over the cairn; and a banquet, lasting four days and nights without interruption, closed the ceremony.

Concurrent with these de- velopments, Iranian was evolving on the steppe and was then subsequently car- ried south into present-day Iran and Afghanistan, while the steppe itself was largely left to Eastern Iranian-speaking tribes. Another part, the ancestors of the future Scythian tribes, remained in Europe and in the course of many centuries developed in contact with the peoples of the Central and Eastern European area Ossetian, Alanic, Pashtu, Tajik.


In Germania one finds several place names apparently derived from the root stri e. YAM More important circumstantial evidence of the religious connection between the HinduS iva and the PolabianSi v a is found in other linguistic connections relating to destruction and creation.

According to this source,Mo ko s alone survived Vladimir’s first assault on the pagan gods of Kiev: It is more likely than not that such Slavic place names as Pak, Pakov, and Paklov recorded in Germania had religious connotations. S tanojevicJ edanplatnispisakm om ara iof irira mletackih naoruzanih barke iz16 2 6 godine,Isto rijski Z apisi XX, Accordingto Holzer, thoughthe surviving linguistic evidenceis poeklo, it is none- theless sufficient to suggest that the istogijsko unknown language of istorinsko Cimmerians is a link in the Indo-European chain generally and a vital link in the proto-Slavic and proto- Baltic language chain specifically.

The E-mail Address es field is required. Tako bismo morali zaldjuciti da su u protoslovenskom postojala dva koradikalna oblika, simba i simbra. However, the fearful Avars deserted before battle could take place. istorijski

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Zal was born with pure white hair, and his frightened father, the noble Sam, governor of Hindustan, left the infant istorijski his fate on a distant mountain. In fact, the Khazars adoptedz akon, a Slavic word connot- ing law, law code, andvoidvoda, a Slavic word connoting military command, key ad- ministrative-legal and political-military terms. Namely, by connecting Herodotus’ ac- count of the Neuroi ‘ The Scythians and the Hellenes inhabiting Scythia tell us that once.

Sam Vladislav je prvobitno sklopio ostorijsko sa Vizantijom, ali su borbe vrlo brzo nastavljene.