Here you’ll find IRS Form templates in PDF. ➤ Fill out, sign and edit electronic documents in a few minutes. ➤ Use your computer or mobile to. Various positions located on the Memphis Internal Revenue Service Center Campus. When? Form —Consent for Fingerprint Check. I’m a seasonal IRS worker, and am applying for some different (also One of the forms ( Consent For Fingerprint Check) has a box labeled “Scars, Marks.

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Sondra28 It looks like we will be working together, congrats and see you soon. Has anyone else got this?

I’m sure they will send it all out soon enough. Anyway, cottleston – I owe you that drink now and you will be able to collect! I called the background team and left a message.

Internal Revenue Agent Position – Page – IRS – Internal Revenue Service – Federal Soup

We ask that you complete all of the form listed below within 2 days of this notice. I gotta call my HR case person. I just got from doing mine today. Am I correct in assuming that the two are separate?


Internal Revenue Service

I haven’t heard a thing since. In order for our agency to register you for your identify proofing and fingerprint session you must complete the following attached forms and return them via fax to NET This page was generated in 1. What you heard would seem to make more sense than what I was told, but I’m not sure whether either HR person gave the right answer and it bothers me when they respond with an answer as if it were right when they apparently don’t know the answer, rather than trying to find out the answer.

This is NOT the place to ask tax fom.

“scars, marks, tattoos” and medical privacy – IRS – Internal Revenue Service – Federal Soup

This forum will allow you to share and ask job-related questions about this bureau. When I arrived at my appointment I told her I was there to be fingerprinted. She seemed very confused. I told her about this site. Originally posted by Bb You cannot vote in polls in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in fofm forum.


Please complete and sign Section I. She also said someone torm suggested an FAQ for applicants, but it went no where. Did you take the toll roads. I registered on GSA and scheduled my appointment. Congrats on the interview. I’m happy for you. This correspondence will be coming from the following email address so it is important that your computer will accept mail from this location.

Editable IRS Form 12333 2017-2018

Thanks for the info. I’m trying not to worry about it, i’m in same boat you are, I didn’t even know there was a separate ID email. Thursday, May 21, 4: Apparently, to her, I was there for a “Smart Card”, which to get that, you are fingerprinted, and photographed.

Thanks for your help! I 1233 to go to Laguna today for fingerprints.

Originally posted by conan Powered by YAF 2. Do I have to list these if they effectively divulge my private medical history? Wednesday, November 04, 4: