If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions (every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index) than there are. step-by-step process to create Re-Partitioning of Info Cube in SAP-BI. (1). students. Created by KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Last updated 4/. Sap BW Info cube partitioning. 1. Info cube partitioning InfoCube Partitioning So what is partitioning and why do it? You use partitioning to.

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I was not aware of this semantically partitioned concept. No search term specified. With portioning, the structure of a InfoCube table in database systems will basically bii defined to use a partitioning field to physically divide it into several database areas tables, blocks, etc.

The performance gain is only achieved for the partitioned InfoProvider if the bu characteristics of the InfoProvider are consistent. You use partitioning to split the total dataset for an InfoProvider into several, smaller, physically independent and redundancy-free units.

For such cases, the partitioning of an InfoCube tables is a very effective option to improve performance. December 2, at 7: If you choose a time period that ranges too far into the future, the number of partitions is too great. If you choose 30 as the maximum number of partitions, resulting from the value range of 74 single values As shown abovethe system groups three months at a time together in a partition meaning that a partition corresponds to exactly one quarter.

Choose 30 as the maximum number of partitions. Good and detailed presentation regards Raj. Where necessary, limit the sa; number of partitions. June 23, at 9: InfoCube partitioning is done at database level and can be based on one of the following date based info objects:.


Partitioning in BW | SAP Blogs

This screen shows the complete data flow of the SPO: Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent. If you choose a time period that is too small, the partitions are too large. However, following points should be noted: This separation improves system performance when you analyze data delete data from the InfoProvider. Data flow after creating two partitions in the SPO: We select the billing document number as the portioning criteria: Database tables of InfoCubes often contain several million records, so database operations of any nature are time-consuming for these tables.

Partitioning in BW

You have to do that by creating a second cube, partition that one and then load it from the first via an export datasource. And they also should definitely have tried to recover a cube from their last backup.

Generate Export Data Source infocubf This new object is based on the premise that this object can be partitioned using characteristics other than the time characteristics.

The next hi is to create transformation, clicking on the create transformation button, throws the foll owing screen: Repartitioning can be useful if you have already loaded data to your InfoCube and you have loaded more data into your InfoCube than you had planned when you partitioned it, you did not choose a long enough period of time for partitioning or some partitions contain no data or little data due to data archiving over a period of time.


SAP Note includes more comprehensive information on this. The following documentation provide a short introduction, how the partitioning works under Oracle database. At least one of the two InfoObjects must be contained in the InfoProvider.


This has also been taken up towards the end of the document. The partitioning of the tables has two advantages: November 29, at 9: Very useful note, thanks can i get some more documents in BI my mail id is priyas78 yahoo.

BW, by its virtue infofube to handle a huge amount of data. You can also determine how many partitions are created as a maximum on the database for the fact table of the InfoCube.

Partitioning (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

Thanks Saurabh for sharing this. BUT the number of E partitions does nevertheless fill up the database catalog as well. Numerous questions on this note made it necessary to talk a bit about E tables here as well since E facttables may also be partitioned. Click on OK to further come to this screen and continue creating transformation: On the F table, every partition must be accessed for every query because there is no effective restriction on the P-dimension partitioning key on the F facttable, and due to load performance the indexes on the F table are all partjtioning indexes.

After selecting the required time characteristic and clicking ok, you get the following screen asking to enter the time interval. This is indeed helpful for BW Developer to start thinking about partitioning that helps improve report performance.