Book | Ibn ‘Ata Allah: Hikam – Aphorisms الإمام ابن عطاء الله السكندري: الحكم By Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandari: → · Arabic: الحكم العطائية PDF (with tashkil). AI-Hikam of Ibn Atta’illah. English Translation & Arabic Text. Page 2. EDgUsh translation of selected wisdoms from A!-Hikam of Ibn AUa ‘Wah. I. One of the signs. Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari Or click here for a PDF of the original Arabic text. The Book of Wisdom (Kitab al-hikam) is a masterpiece of Islamic spiritual.

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The place where the second group ends up is where the first group started.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

It is illumined only by the manifestation of God in it. The first is for those who are apt to learn lessons [from what they see] and the second is that experience the vision [of God] and have insight. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Then, He makes them return to deep understanding of His names. Otherwise, where are you that you would be close to Him. And the place where the second group starts is where the first group ends. The insincere action, He does not accept.

And your desire to gain a living in the world, even though God has put you in isolation is a comedown from lofty aspiration. Specialness is like the light of the sun filling the horizon, whereas the horizon has no light in itself. Rather, go from creatures to the Creator: So much so, that one cannot explain [the immensity] nor even allude to it.


Whoever is annihilated in Him is absent from everything. Perhaps He will take you gikam an Invocation with forgetfulness to one with vigilance, and from one with vigilance to one with the Presence of God, and from one with the Presence of God to one wherein everything but the Invoked is araabic.

And why it has been said: How can it be conceived that something veils Him since He is the one who is manifest through everything? How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since He was the Manifest before the existence of anything?

In every moment, God has on you a new right and important matter. And He does not make any one reach His friends except he whom He wishes to make reach Hikak. And he is busied illag the rights of God from remembering his selfish shares.

Illqh is to be found in the Hereafter, while the litany vanishes with the vanishing of this world; but it its more fitting to be occupied with something for which there is no substitute.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic |

Your seeking someone else is because of your immodesty toward Him. THe eye of the intellect makes you witness your nonbeing as due to His Being.


The former happens to the beginners and the later is for the well-established and realised. And you will not get except that which you [are ready] to imbibe. Good states arise from the stations wherein abide those who have spiritual realisation.

Kitab Al Hikam Of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

And only the one with insight can distinguish. So in both He is disclosing Himself to you, and drawing nigh with His loving kindness unto you.

And how can he who is unable to free himself of a pressing need free someone else of one? And in such a state, take what is in agreement with [external] knowledge.

Rather, we hurl the truth at falsehood; so, it knocks it out until falsehood vanishes. What comparison is there between what He seeks from you and what you seek from Him? Or how can it journey to God while shackled by its passions? For your forgetfulness of the Invocation of Him is worse than your forgetfulness in the Invocation of Him.

So, why would he not be shy from asking His creation for his needs. His names point to His attributes.