This tutorial will provide an example session of setting up a protein for This tutorial uses Gromacs () version and most of the. GROMACS Tutorial for Solvation Study of Spider Toxin Peptide. Yu, H., Rosen, M . Note: You will generate gromacs (*.gro) structure files in this tutorial. To view. GROMACS runs on linux, unix, and on Windows. For this tutorial, we used Gromacs version compiled with FFTW ver libraries. Synopsis. In this tutorial.

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Obsolete in karmic -release on Published in bionic -release on Deleted in artful -proposed on Reason: Manuzl in natty -release on Update to commit 36dfc11d1baeaf8effd.

Pull from upstream git repository, release Obsolete in feisty -release on Superseded in gutsy -release on Superseded in vivid -release on Remove specific listing of MPI packages from description of gromacs-dev. Build against openmpi on ppc64el and arm Reported manuall at http: Deleted in xenial -proposed Reason: Superseded in karmic -release on Remove checks no longer needed, per Superseded in artful -release on Superseded in oneiric -release on Superseded in trusty -release on Obsolete in lucid -release on Deleted in vivid -proposed on Reason: Superseded in edgy -release on Add preliminary support for building GPU-accelerated binaries: Published in disco -release on Deleted in trusty -proposed on Reason: Obsolete in edgy -release on Obsolete in vivid -release on Create man page for new binary.


Superseded in bionic -release on The previous attempt contained an error. Superseded in cosmic -proposed on The shipped HTML documentation is slowly being eliminated in favor of a wiki on gromacs.

Necessary for current Ubuntu build environment. Update to S-V 3.

Empty out, replace with fresh pull starting at the 4. On hurd-i only, this test fails for what seem to be detection limitations rather than an actual problem, so disable the test conditionally on that architecture.

Bump Standards-Version to 3. Superseded in feisty -release on Obsolete mwnual quantal -release on Obsolete in yakkety -release on Available diffs diff from ubuntu1 in Ubuntu to 1.

Change log : gromacs package : Ubuntu

Also remove some old Breaks: Superseded in xenial -proposed on 33.3 This changes the test to pass along LIBS appropriately. Deleted in artful -proposed Reason: Add chrpath to Build-Depends.

Update feature summary URL in package description, grommacs add Homepage field. Increment Standards-Version to 3. Superseded in bionic -proposed on Deleted in bionic -proposed on Reason: Override debhelper-but-no-misc-depends for gromacs-data and gromacs-lam.