When designing an automobile, various performance targets Download >> Download Gradeability of vehicle calculations pdf. The gradeability determined using Formula 7 calculates the vehicle’s gradeability based on its • Engine torque • Transmission.5 with rolling circumference. I’ve been frustrated trying to find an understandable formula for calculating the climbing ability in degrees for various vehicle set

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Road Performance Curves: Acceleration, Gradability and Drawbar Pull (Automobile)

I’ve been frustrated trying to find graeability understandable formula for calculating the climbing ability in degrees for various vehicle set ups. I know that gradeability is dependant on tractive effort the road wheels apply at calculatoins road surface, which is calculated by multiplying max net engine torque by overall gear ratio in low 1st divided by tyre radius. To my mind that means if the landrover was loaded to a gross vehicle mass of lbs it could theoretically drive up a vertical slope.


If there is a technical oracle on here who can explain in simple laymans terms the proper formula, with an example to show how the result was arrived at it would be much appreciated. I am trying to work out the effect in percentage terms that different tyre sizes have on climbing ability.

Also I’d like to be able to calculate the minimum axle torque is required to climb gradients of different steepness, in order to compare theoretical antisquat numbers with actual measured real world numbers of torque tube unimog type suspensions.

With a gradeabilitu resistance for dry hard surfaces to keep it simple. I think you are overthinking it.

To drive a 45 degree slope you need to have perfect friction. So anyone who claims to have driven up a slope 45 degree or greater that is significantly longer than the wheelbase of their vehicle i. Originally Posted by isuzurover. I’ve always used the formula as follows: Originally Posted by wardy1.

Originally Posted by wagoo. There are mathematical formulas on the net for calculating climbing abilty but the way they are laid out makes them difficult to follow for this old codger. I’ll give you an idea why I would like to know. Unimogs are criticised for having too much antisquat geometry in their torque tube suspension design.


If I want to build a vehicle with Unimog axles and a 4ft long one link wishbone to replace the torque tube, I can calculate how much lifting force is applied via the wishbone pivot to the chassis at mid wheelbase for a given amount of axle torque.

Road Performance Curves: Acceleration, Gradability and Drawbar Pull (Automobile)

But it’s something that has interested me of late, and a little mental excercise might keep this old brain functioning a bit longer. OK – so you want to calculate anti-squat – a different question. I am no expert on that, but plenty on ol and pirate are.

Be forewarned – gfadeability of great tech but you need a thick skin on pirate. Thanks for the link Ben. That bloke daddylonglegs seems like he’s up himself Wagoo.

The time now is