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Is the genetic structure niques, and dev’clopmcnt. W ashington, D C: H em i- o f human personality universal? A cross-cultural tw in sphere. Nueva York, N Y: Young childrens pre- which fectors are basic? Turdes all the way down. Journal q f Personality and Social Psychology, 3 7 ,2 8 6 -3 0 0. P-impulsive sensation seeking and its behavioral, psychophysiological and biochem i- York, K.

Neuropsychobiology 28, 3 0 -3 6. A typological analysis o f womeris personality at Zuckerm an, M. Journal q f Persotiality and Social Psychology, tuses q f sensation seeking. Good and had humors: Biochcmical bases o f personality and its disorden. Pychological Science, 6T h e psychobiological model for Zald, D. Serotoncrgic fiinc- impulsive unsocialized sensation seekin g A compara- tioning corrclatcs with positivc and ncgative affect in dve approach.


Neuropsychobiology 3 4Prsonality and Individual Zuckerm an, M. P yhobiology q f personality. Differences, 30, 7 1 -8 6. Coping with mis- Consequences o f self-handicapping Effects on coping, sile attack: Resources, strategies, and outcomes.

Journal academic performance, and adjustment. A comparison o f thrcc structural Intimacy, power, and psychological well-being modcls for personality: T h e big thrcc, thc big five, and in medical studcnts. Journal q f Nervous and M ental D is- thc alternativo five. Journal o f Prsonality and Social Psy- mse, 1 7 6Donographic influen- Zelenski, J. Susceptibility to ces in sensation seeking and expressions o f sensation affect: A comparison o f three personality taxonomies.

Per- Journal q f P rsonality 67, C osts o f self-handi- Zim m crm an, D W. Durable sccondary rcin – capping. Journal q f P rsonality 7 3M cthod and theory. Was Gordon Allport a trait theo- 14, Individual diffe- Zwanzger, P.

Sclcctive G A B- rences in thc acquisicion allporf f affectively valcnccd asso- Acrgic treatment for panic?

Jou rn al q f Personality and Social Psychology 74, mental panic induction and panic disordcr. Pychiatry and Neuroscietice, 3 0College-educated womeris personality development in adulthood: Perceptions and age differences. Psychology and Agittg, 17, 4 4. Beyond the optimal level q f anousal. Gale Bordon7 he biolegieal bases q fpersonality. F, Abbott. CBainl. R,Ando. CAdams, H. LAgostinclli, G. LAgyei, Y. VRarcklcy, M. ABelmakcr, IX H.


Gordon Allport by Javiera Montaña Ibáñez on Prezi

B94 Bclsky. R63, Rarkow, J. IX Assor, A. FBcrgman, A. CAmsel, A. Y, Bcrnstein, A. DBates, J. EBcmstcin, I. L,Radgcr, G. J, Bcrtrand, S FBorgatta, E E60, 61 flrown, G. R alport, Beyrr. ACariota, A J. EBotw in, M.

IX 60 li-yant, F. LBjork, J M.

Gordon Allport Teoria De Los Rasgos Pdf

D F, B o u ch aid. SBlack, A.

DBowdlc, B. J60 Blanck, RBoynton, K. S39 Burmeistcr, M. J, J,Burrows, L,, Bichar, M. G, Brady. J PBurt, S. T63, 69 ,, Cassidy, J A. JGordkn, LBravcr. E P, 67 Bodenhausen, G. V, B reh m. R67 Calhoun, K. JChang, G H. R60 Brissette. F, 64 B ons,T A. L, Crick, N R. J, Chcn, M. F, 69 Chcsir-Tcran, D, de Maat, a. E 65 Cubng, M. GoordonChristopher, S. RConklin, C A. T60 Conncll. P, Czyzewska, M. D, Cillcssen, A. Aubin, E, Clanton, N.

A allportt, Dintona, R.