The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life has ratings and reviews. Mallon said: This book is out there. Drunvalo tells you everything, the secre. Crack open the vaults of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s classic programming and experience the original five-day Flower of Life workshop. This was one of the last . Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light .

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I have an open mind– I’ve been building sacred geometry orgone producing structures, for go o d’s sake.

Return to Book Page. Now a new dawn is streaming through the windows of perception. Nevertheless, my best advice is for any soul out there making a spiritual-journey is to read this book cautiously: Sep 14, Noor Azzony rated it it was amazing.

This review gives a little insight into what this book can teach u. If you want to discuss sacred geometry, great!

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Teachings and Books

It was the right timing for me and I hope others find the same. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. To me it explains the tall black shadows you hear Amy Allen talk about on the ghost channel.

The science half sucks. In the beginning of the book he makes it clear what he wants you to believe which personally makes me uncomfortable. If anybody wants to even begin to learn about sacred geometry and drjnvalo I am just finishing it rite now for the third time around.


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1

The wisdom from madmen is tricky to grasp from. In our practice we drag Qi from nature, sky, earth or trees, etc.

Knowing what I do know, especially about the esoteric New Age movement I would advise people drunbalo take this with a liff of salt. Aug 07, Chris Marchan rated it really liked it. Which is fine, but Melchizedek tries to claim the events are true. Many of the ideas discussed seem to stop right in the middle. As much of a completionist as I am, I do not feel compelled to finish this work by spending more money or time on a second volume.

One thing I took away from this book is that we know little about the inter-workings of the Universe but the possibilities really open the mind to know that it is way larger than I could imagine – but I am trying These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world. Dec 23, Jade Ghenzer rated it really liked it. It was also pretty frustrating for me that he kept implying he would explain something he mentioned in greater detail later on in the book.

Women working for NASA who can remote travel. Where one cannot ex This work is well researched and no doubt will interest mathematicians and scientist who wish to take a look at solving problems they may grapple with from another perspective.

It is rare drunvali someone erunvalo a highly alternative idea on the history of humankind without stating, this is the way it REALLY is; this was a refreshing start. Is this feature helpful? I may buy it some day simply to supplement the first volume.


And yet you feel that you already know it Some, like Pythagoras, said he discovered drunvslo theorem by the gods and he had killed hundreds of oxen to celebrate his findings. He doesn’t try and confuse the reader, he speaks in terms where another can understand.

There’s way too many times that the author says things along the lines of “and this is absolutely correct! The list goes on. But maybe the second volume is better in explaining ‘the ancient secret’. We can follow that order form the invisible atom to the infinite stars, finding ourselves at each step. The concepts of ancient aliens and the structure of the universe could be true. The writer claims we are all one, something I subscribe lofe, but then goes on about higher selves and personal awareness across levels of conciousness and diemnsions.

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You’d also have already been doing much inner work Throughout the little I’ve read, I was cringing with his bold claims, bad sentence vrunvalo, and inaccuracies.

This book gives you the I will say this, if you are meant to read this book it will find you and you will know when it is time: