Updated August personal data collected for market research are used only for research purposes and are . Where the data is held/processed: as many companies operate globally and may collect data in one country and process in. Authors, editors and ESOMAR do not accept responsibility for the consequences that may Welcome to the Global Market Research. Report .. . North America traditional. As an ESOMAR Member, I comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of. Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

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I have no problem with the quality of the data or the report itself; far from it, those aspects are usually stellar. The UK kept hold of second place, despite declines in You and some others may consider this blatant self promotion but the way I see it is: Please confirm your password. Thank you for the extensive analysis Lenny. It also features interviews with respected industry figures, both research suppliers and client-side executives, on how the business is dealing with change — and what remains reseacrh be done if research is to keep pace with jarket increasingly mobile, data-driven world.

There is more thought leadership and strategic impact in that commentary section than you usually find in most industry reports.

The Honomichl Top 50, ESOMAR Global 25 & The Need To Re-Define Market Research

People power One of the biggest challenges for research firms looking to new markets is finding the right people to hire. Specifically 3 things caught my attention:.

I know we may be smaller compared to some others but we are the only company I know and maybe that of my long distance pal Tom Anderson focussing the social media listening solution on the Consumer Insights Manager with a global multilingual service for automated sentiment analysis as opposed to the PR and Customer Service Managers of organisations.


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Global Market Research Industry Real Growth at % in ’11 – Marketing Charts

Alfredo Stotesbury May 13, at 7: It is that sluggishness in research growth that is the reason the industry clearly needs to be redefined. The GMR report shows that some of the brightest minds from a diverse range of fields are making their way into research, but that public perceptions of what market research is are generally limited to blind soft-drink tastings and voting intention surveys.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Success, the report suggests, will depend on research demonstrating its value and being prepared to take a different approach to client problems.

Market force Information Inc. The Middle East and Africa continued to grow at 4. In an always-on world, there are fresh questions to address about privacy, anonymisation and informed consent. Load More… Follow on Instagram. Greece, a nation struggling with austerity budgets and real economic crisis, was not as hard hit as observers were expecting it to be.

Take a good look, because it is very likely next year or the year after that they will look very, very different. Turkey stands out, as do Mexico which is recovering from tough economic timesIndonesia which saw research turnover rise 9.

Global Market Research Industry Real Growth at 0.4% in ’11

Behavioral science is changing the insights industry by creating a foundation for accurate prediction of human behavior. Bulgaria features in the top 10 online markets because of its role as an outsourcing hub for work conducted in other countries.

Learn how your globzl data is processed.

Top-line findings Market research turnover increases in 49 countries or sub-regions inand declines in Thanks for working with us! Load More… Follow on Instagram.

Companies are probably going to be a bit more conservative with respect to developing in the Next Eleven versus what they would have done a few years ago. And just for grins, I have integrated the 2 lists here: Also, for panel companies and software they say it could be double counting, which I kinda get, but that is assuming all their business comes from other research companies, and specifically CASRO and other trade orgs members, and that is most certainly not the case.


There are operational differences specifically related to research, too, given that developing markets are advancing resexrch a far faster pace than the developed world did, leapfrogging technology, skipping over land lines and desktop computers, and going straight to mobile and mobile internet.

It was down 9.

A World of Difference – ESOMAR Global Market Research – RW Connect

Please enter a valid email address Error: As always, the report is packed with industry data and analysis of the hottest growth markets, markey fastest-growing companies and the most significant mergers and acquisitions.

In closing I will be ecstatic for DigitalMR to become top of mind for you when you discuss social media listening and resrarch online communities. Please enter a username Error: I certainly know that a lot of it is flobal very time consuming, but feedback from clients is that pictures really can tell a thousand words and give people real insight.

Brazil, which a year earlier rocketed up Markets lacking a history in research are also likely to be lacking in trained talent, and flying in foreigners to start from scratch is an expensive strategy.

We need to get out of that order-taking mode and get more into driving business answers. Why IRI is included by Dunnhumby is not is a bit baffling; they certainly should qualify. The market there grew 5.