The ESCMID-SFM Manual of Microbiology is a jointly produced hard-copy publication by ESCMID and SFM. In a popular French Manual of Microbiology. Escmid-sfm Manual Of Microbiology. ESCMID Study Groups). Industry. NACs = National Microbiology laboratories with particular expertise and training in Disk. The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious . The ESCMID-SFM Manual of Clinical Microbiology is a jointly.

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Find out about ESCMID’s organizational structure, its governing regulations as well as collaborations with other organizations.

You can find information on past events in the archive. The new manual is based upon the original French manual, but has been updated and adapted for Europe. There are 52 chapters covering essential information in clinical microbiology.

Preview of the first 15 pages of the book pdf. D Raoult, G Cornaglia The principles of microbiological work and good laboratory practices: Wretlind Quality management in microbiology: Y Kabrane – I Kallings.


B Lamy – H Seifert Endocarditis: R Canton – C Segonds Gastroenteritis: E Nagy – P Laudat Ocular infections: T Bourcier Cutaneous infections: P Lanotte – K Seme Infections in burn patients: L Dubreuil – E Nagy Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato: J Ariza – M Maurin Helicobacter pylori: M Picardeau – T Pumarola Listeria monocytogenes: O Ergonul Leishmania species: M Mounier – K Summermatter Microbiology of the health care environment: M Mounier – T Pal Molecular tools for epidemiology: W Witte Public health microbiology: F Baquero – G Cornaglia The risk of bioterrorism and class 3 microorganisms: JD Cavallo – H Ellerbrok.

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Terms, fees and membership levels All Initiatives A – Z Study Group Research Funding About the Parity Commission TAE Steering Committee elections News prior to Microbiolgy the first 15 pages of the Manual to see the above.

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