View HADID Mohamed Djamel’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. HADID has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile. Coordinates: 34°51′N 5°44′E / °N °E / ; Biskra); Latin Vescera) is .. Today, the city of Biskra is made up of 28 neighborhoods including 3 main ones which are, Korra, City 60 Logts ENICAB and Equipment Zones. Zone Industrielle de Biskra BP RP, Biskra , Algeria.

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All those factors targeted the permanent survival of the institutions and its continuity. Media related to Biskra at Wikimedia Commons. They came from the desert of the Caspian Sea the largest inland sea on the side of present-day Iran.

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Unfortunately felt like “Gringos” in these places, decided to continue path until “The Promised Land”:. Consequently, the training is a crucial method in realizing this goal.

Specialists of the desert life, first settled on the edge of the Nile but the Pharaohs hunted them in the sixth century BCE. There are also a lot of black and red spiders that some species hide in dead tree stumps.

This coalition, formed by eicab North African tribes, left the south-west of Algeria, reinforcing its force en route wherever it passed in North Africa. He composed many pieces influenced by his experience there. The population of Biskra are called Biskri.

North Africa which has become almost theirs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The availability of human resources have played a great role in the realization of these processes and the maintaining of the work status within its basics and principles. It remains, undoubtedly, an eternal cradle for civilizations, and a center of cultural influence.

But the Roman leader Betolimih BenyoubaII gave bisora another name “the river of destiny”, which is due to the encab of Sidi Zarzour the name of the river today that biksra the city.


The weakness of the Vandals and lure falls in front of the resistance and the continuous fights of the inhabitants, forced them to integrate with the inhabitants of the Ziban in a complete way.

There are also amphibians like the Frog, reptiles like the Horned Viper or the Egyptian cobra The city has long and extremely hot summers and short, pleasantly warm winters.

Its broad history will forever make a big part of Algerian and North African history. It has a population density of 1, Inits population was recorded as eicab, Apart from the mountains that enicba it, the topography of Biskra is generally very flat. Retrieved 25 September Because these changes become so important, the institution has to be stronger and go beyond in order to reach an excellent level enciab to ensure a long survival. Colonel Carbuccia in charge of this mission was surprised by the topography of the ground and the resistance which opposed him in the middle of a dense vegetation.

She is nicknamed “The Queen of the Zibans”, “The door of the desert” or “The Saharan Eenicab because of its location which is the beginning of the desert.

eenicab It took 7, troops and 53 days of blockade for the destruction of the siege by the three colonels together: The Vandals “Oundals” invaded the city of Biskra and occupied all its land after a language resistance of its eenicab.

Large quantities of fruit, especially dates and oliveswere grown in the vicinity. The city of Biskra has gone through three phases before getting to where she is today. Away from the urban area, frost may be more frequent and night temperatures are lower.

A very prosperous city, built by the Muslims in the Middle Ages. During this period the whole area became under another monarchy. It remains, without a doubt, the eternal cradle of civilizations bis,ra the cultural center of radiation.


The failure was serious, the moral effect disastrous.

The development of the systems of the international trade, the systems of technology and the information and communication have led the institutions to live among an open global context characterized by deep and rapid changes. Biskra averages 3, hours of sun per year.

Entreprise Des Industries Du Câble Biskra,spa, Zone Industrielle Bp

Among these methods we find system of quality management standard, the re-ingeneering, work’s terms. It is the place of delicious dates, traditional and historical craftsmanship.

Biskra passage of different peoples and civilizations in this region, a city, the style and look of the original and vital. In the outskirts of Biskra, the landscape is very arid with all the same vegetation that vary depending on the location.

Biskrw Genset, a direct descendant of the branch of the Capesian civilization that migrated to the Sahara around BC, and is certainly the people who dominated in the most certain way Algeria during the years of its antiquity.

Some researchers find that its name comes down from the ancient Roman name “Adebesran” due to the ancient geothermal source that is located near the city, Salhine Hammam today. The struggles and fights continued for 7 months without stopping. During this first period, enlcab war of Bou Zian, chief of tribe, is memorable.

Cable materials & equipment Algeria

Canrobert, Barral, and Lourmel giving the death of Chief Bouzian with besieged and people on the French side. Its extensive and ancient dnicab has the largest status of Algerian history and North Africa. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved from ” https: In the early 10th century, Biskra and the entire Ziban area were conquered by the kings of Beni Hammad. Retrieved 17 October