Emilie Autumn’s underground gothic phenomenon is born again in this completely “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is lots of fun, a kind of ‘ women in. The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls [Emilie Autumn] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. NOW IN PAPERBACK FOR THE VERY FIRST. In this gothic bestseller, two young women, living centuries apart, both accused of madness, communicate across time to fight a common enemy their doctors.

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I do not care if she is the author, or whether she can “do what she wants with her publication”, to a point, the book should remain close ejilie the original print. Among her many other talents, I truly think Emilie is great at crafting a fantasy world and populating it with her motley cast of characters.

Emilie showed a fine example of Victoorian who push their children to be outstanding musicians because the parents need the reflected glory, it was saddening.

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: Emilie Autumn: : Books

I wondered if maybe this was going to be just the first novel in a series, and the author was presenting wayeard broader background for the characters in this book. I will say this, if you want to read it or are intrigued by it, then buy it and read it because this is only one persons opinion and people need to come to their own conclusions.

But I do wish luck to all those who do attempt it! She has used her mental illness to adylum cruel, conceited, manipulative and dishonest in a way that she knows will sell and sadly I was sold on it tbe I read the book when it was too late. I also do not care if she was trying to appeal to Young adult readers or to make the character the author as antagonist Emilie closer to Emily with a Y’s age. The human mind is an abandoned house that must be filled with your own riches–whether that house be a place of love and warmth, or whether it is an asylum.

Strong enough to reach the point where they find the reason why the author went to the trouble to put all these words on all these pages Review to come since I actually have quite a bit to say about this, and I’m working overnight and therefore, sleep deprived.

She told us this stay was between Enchant and Opheliac, sosomewhere between there. I’m going to be completely honest for completeness and say the audio book wouldn’t have made a difference wutumn my judgement of the book. But now I think it’s that kinship that I’m feeling making me want to connect with rmilie and share in th stories.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I accepted the author was no historian but this much I do know, you don’t make up such things to boost your status either when you have no clue, clearly, of what you’re talking about.

The photos were deplorable, the way suicide was turned into feeble fashion, with the nonsensical slogans on the marker scribbled shirts the author may have felt it humorous but I beg to differ so contemptible they looked desperate and juvenile. Just think of it, ladies: I own and have read the first edition. Sadly enough you are just another sheep buying into BS! In fact, I think the prior context will help me describe where this book excels and where it may not.

I’ve tried to be polite, word my review nicely and be as honest as possible and can finish my review by saying I am very much pleased I didn’t get the audio book pre-order as a gift because it’s been two years, it’s not yet finished although money has been taken and I would have been greatly dissapointed.

A former pupil of the Unfortunate Girl’s Music Conservatoire whom Count de Rothsberg deemed unworthy of serving him as an amusement, and is then demoted to the place of scullery maid. Published June 22nd by Asylum Emporium first published December 15th Emilie is presently composing and developing the Broadway musical and film versions of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. She hopes that her future writings will not require such dramatic circumstances in order to be published.

I guess this is why the author has rewrote this book and republished it on so many occasions, because they realised just as I did that it was terrible. Is it wrong to be a medical professional and worry for your patient, if you have an inkling that they are not giving you all the details and are not well Forget the stockings, the spiral note book, the lumps of hair spread in photographs across pages or pages wasted on just a listing of the word pain it was like being back in detention at school: Both Emilie and her book are beautiful, dark and wonderfully interesting and imaginative.

This is evident in that mentally ill people are continually amongst the most at-risk for abuse. Want to Read saving…. Where is suffer the bear too?

It has taken me six months to finish this, it was so tedious, my seven year old sister isn’t this dramatic and infant like. After a life as a child of divorced parents, a victim of abuse, and a troubled teen I once wrote a death note to one of my classmates, I got into numerous fist fights in high school, and I have violently kicked in lockers and thrown desks I have only seen a psychiatrist twice. The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. The start was actually sort of interesting.


Pathetic to think this woman will soon be 39 years old. Let’s begin first with the emilir diaries. Is this all part of the story or is it bad writing?

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

We viictorian know there is harsh procedures to follow for the safety of patients and staff, it isn’t rocket science. In a high severity case, in sexed wards, patients may be stripped entirely.

I have very vivid dreams about it 3. God knows how many minutes of her ranting in my ear, making me feel like, because I’m a bigger lady, I am worthless, I am ugly and I deserve the name calling I get.

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls by Emilie Autumn

There is a lot of unnecessary ranting and self-pity to the point of being uninteresting. I understand Bipolar disorder is a manageable disease, but there are a number of factors that can get in the way of successful treatment, however making that first step to admit oneself, it was pathetic to read of how someone flat out refused to gain some control of what they were living with, and showed in a way signs that they let “it” control them and somehow used it as an excuse.

He asks if she’s only in the hospital to write a book, which makes Emilie extremely offended. Also the medication she talks of is specifically prescribed because they’re not lethal enough to kill, and, why did she not suffer some side effects from ingesting so many??? She’s like Augustus Gloop when you take away his chocolate, hot damn. Not to say that everyone EA writes is pristine, because she, like every other human on this planet, still has some problematic ideas about the world and prejudices that will come through in her work.

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View all 7 comments. I get why some people may like it because hhe wise, it’s pretty, but is this what books have come to? I did not cry once. On mothers day I got my copy as a gift yes I am one of her older followers and not a teenager.

We are now entering the Nuthouse Gulag.