El rapto del cisne (Spanish Edition) (Books4pocket Narrativa) [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El psiquiatra Andrew. El Rapto del Cisne [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Elizabeth Kostova is the author of the international bestseller The Historian. She graduated from Yale and holds an MFA.

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Urano; Translation edition October 15, Language: Ten years ago The Historian came out, five years ago The Swan Thieves came out, and now I’m waiting for her third book with no end in sight. Finally finished the book today. I for one believe that the detail is quite necessary as the story and characters start with a blank slate and each descriptive word is another brush stroke on the canvas that, in the end, creates a full and completely enjoyable not a masterpiece mind you story.

But by then, I feel like everything interesting is all thrown in at the end. I enjoyed the pace of this book. Nor should it be. I know now that many Amazon readers considered it “boring” and “plodding” and “painful” but I found the novel as entertaining as John Grisham and as smart as Ian McEwan, with a liberal sprinkling of French Impressionism thrown in for good measure.

Desperate to understand the secret that tormented the genius, he embarks on a journey taking him closer to the lives of Olivers women and a tragedy at the middle of French Impressionism.

Read more Read less. If it had been a bit shorter, and the dialogue a bit more realistic, I think I could have loved this one because it contains all of the elements that I loveā€¦madness, art, conflicted characters, etc. Quotes from El Rapto del Cisne. So the remainder of the reading was about getting there and how Kostova took her readers there. Ultimately, he travels across America and then across the ocean to find the truth.

Some of the passages, especially those of Beatrice, are moving enough to take the reader’s breath away; others are so deep and thoughtful that the reader is compelled to stop and think about the questions raised for a moment before continuing. In this book she revels in the ability of art to create shifts and changes in the mind and life of the artist.


For all of you who read The Swan Thieves, the Edward Sisley painting which she alludes to in kkostova beginning and in the end and which plays a pivotal part in the mystery of Beatrice is one of the fictional ones.

It took a while for the plot to get going, but once it had I found it quietly engrossing; the problem is, The Historian was one of those books I absolutely could not put down and I suppose I expected the same from the follow-up. But on the other cusne, she writes slower than a Rothfuss. I liked the parallels to the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan.

Besides being a darn master of the English language, she always seems to rwpto the most intriguing characters. Is it ethical, considering that Mary recently broke up with Robert Oliver, Marlow’s patient?

Mentiras Piadosas Lisa Unger. In order for the reader to better understand Robert, Kostova’s highly researched depiction of Impressionism in ‘s France is the highlight of the book for me.

The Swan Thieves is easily my most anticipated book of As a page book with the flake’s narrative ratcheted way back, this could have been a five-star read for me, as I really, kosttova liked most of the subject matter.

El Rapto del Cisne

She later gave birth to two sets of twins, half of which were human, and the other half immortal. The ending was weak. View all 14 comments.

That is certainly not the only beautiful thing, though. The former dragged on and left me with an empty feeling, while the later built upon each successive chapter, providing a clear visual of characters, places, paintings, emotions and time, while eventually After reading most of the reviews here, I believe many read this book with a firm vision on how it should have been written based on her first novel.


I washed myself again and again, I washed the csne of laundry, I changed the beds and the breast pads, I scrubbed and wiped the bodies. Marlowe both become enamored with a 19th century Impressionist painter named Beatrice.

Muy buena la historia. La premisa es demasiado floja, sin un argumento claro hasta el final, que hacer que el lector se pierda. Orgullo y Prejuicio y Zombis Jane Austen. An artist rxpto prodigious talent herself, she abruptly stopped painting without explanation. I keep going though in reading this book because I could not believe that by page I was not spellbound – as I had been with “The Historian”.

After about one third of the book, the ending was already pretty predictable. Some actions of Dr Marlow are unprofessional and questionable, but because this is fiction you can take it with a pinch of salt.

I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if it had been shorter. View all 3 comments. Trivia About The Swan Thieves. Robert Oliver, a renowned painter, ends up mostova a mental hospital after trying to destroy a painting in Washington DC’s National Gallery. There are lots of wonderful visuals in this novel.

Unfortunately, that sort of editing didn’t happen here, leading to flake overkill. The author tells two stories in this novel. Muy buena la historia.

El rapto del cisne (Spanish Edition): Elizabeth Kostova: : Books

Painted over with kosfova blobs of words about art that yammered rather than served any real purpose in the greater story. She tried to show the reader the beauty of the paintings and the emotion of the characters artistically.

She is an intelligent writer who knows how to tell a thrilling and beautiful story. She has a knack for turn of phrase.