Memshield 3 modular enclosures will accept MCBs, RCCBs, RCBOs, fuse. Type A SPN Distribution Boards. Eaton’s Memshield 3 MCB Distribution boards. Eaton UK Final Distribution: Surface-Mounted and Flush-Mounted Compact Distribution Boxes BC-A, Memshield 3 MCB Distribution Boards and Enclosures.

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LV Panelboards, product page.

Modular Enclosures

Memshield 3 dstribution boards Download High Resolution Photograph. Removable busbar assembly to assist installation. Type A distribution boards are now offered with a higher-rated, A switch-disconnector incomer in five sizes from 4-way to way.

The Smart boards use a unique smart summing meter in conjunction with a high-integrity busbar with embedded voltage transducers. A new cable trunking interface kit is available to provide additional mechanical protection of incoming cables.

Electrical Wholesalers est. 1890

Technical Support Team Tel: New A Switch Disconnector Incomer for general commercial building applications. Improved Neutral cable clamp design for simple and secure cable connection.

In one of its most significant product launches in recent years, Eaton is introducing Memshield 3, a new generation of final distribution boards and associated circuit protection devices for commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Blanking modules have interlinking form for improved positional memshielc. Electrical Communications Vehicle Communications Follow: A choice of incomers are available to suit different applications including RCCB options and a single phasing kit to provide a large single phase board arrangement. In particular A Type B boards are now offered with a A option in the larger sizes while A boards can be used instead of MCCB panelboards for some applications.

Memshield 3 MCB distribution boards and enclosures – Eaton UK – Power Distribution

An optional coupling kit allows two Type A boards to be linked together vertically to increase the number of ways. Our Company News News Releases. Where used with A sized incomers, an extension box or the provision of suitable sized cable trunking is required to accommodate incoming cabling. Please enter another search term. They embody a number of special safety features memsshield unique full-form blanking modules for unused ways memshifld also provide secure shrouding of unused busbar stabs and fully shrouded neutral busbars.


Compact A options on 18 and 24 way boards, where used with cable trunking. Memshield 3 delivers safe, reliable and high performance protection of electrical power distribution systems. Memshield 3 sets new standards in distribution board design.

Doors are removable, making it easier to fix the boards, and hanging the doors is easier because one hinge memshieldd is longer than the other so that the two hinges do not have to be aligned memshieeld. Previously these devices were offered as two separate ranges with 10kA and 15kA short-circuit ratings. Among installer-friendly features that are retained from the Memshield 2 design is the welded end plate construction which prevents distortion of the enclosure when mounting on an uneven surface, even when the gland plates are removed.

LV Distribution Boards, product page. Separate transient voltage surge suppression SPD memshiele, developed to meet the requirements of the new lightning protection standard BS ENare included in the Memshield 3 range. Memshield 3 distribution board group Download High Resolution Photograph.

This provides separate measurement of the two grouped loads, plus total load. United Kingdom Worldwide Sites.

Type A, SPN A distribution boards and pan assemblies – Eaton UK – Power Distribution

Visually Memshield 3 has a more modern styling than its predecessor with rounded edges. A new page comprehensive Memshield 3 catalogue is available from your local Eaton Distributor or downloadable Memshield 3 Product Guide. A wide range of accessories including full profile blanking modules for unused MCB ways and door locking options, enhance electrical safety, whilst clean earth kits improve versatility of the range. Memshield 3 breaks new ground in the range of functions it can perform.


The main busbar assembly can be removed for easier installation. Additional Functional Earthing options and Clean Earth options available. It saton all the features that have made Memshield 2 the preferred choice of electrical contractors for more than 15 years but introduces innovative features that will enable specifiers and installers memshiepd offer an even wider range of power distribution solutions in modern buildings.

These all help meet the energy conservation requirements of the UK Building Regulations Part L2 by providing separate measurement of grouped lighting and power loads. Construction virtually eliminates distortion during installation, ensuring final assembly fit and alignment.

This means that the boards can handle larger individual loads or even feed additional distribution boards; a A Memshield 3 board can sometimes be used in place of the more expensive MCCB panelboard to feed downstream boards. Contractors often make their own interface plates to protect the cables from damage caused by the sharp cut edges in cable trunking.

Unique cable trunking interface kit simplifies mounting of cable trunking and protects cables.

Auto-formed, curved construction of main cover adds to board rigidity, with improved appearance.