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Tecnológico de Monterrey

Because of arrangement of the stopper portion, when the injection molding gel is injected on the outside of the cable connecting portion of the connecting terminal by injection molding, the injection molding gel for forming an insulator is prevented from flowing into the inserting portion of the connecting terminal, and poor electrical contact between the inserting portion of the connecting terminal and the socket of the mating connector is avoided.

A second cable 20 is further slideably associated with the first plate 2 and is adapted to activate a mechanism 21 which allows or prevents the rocking of the second plate The invention further relates to two specific methods for applying a layer to a seedling or tree, and the use of the aqueous composition according to the invention for protecting seedlings or trees.

The pressure across the mask is used to determine if the mask is being worn. The invention relates to a method for monitoring the functions of a tubular bag machine, wherein: Nombre de la dizeo solicitante.

MAQUETA 3IMEBE.qxl:Maquetación 1 – UIBcongres

A method for depicting at least one image 13 of an interior of a vehicle, wherein at least one camera 12 present in the vehicle is used to record at least one image 13 of the vehicle t, image data of the at least one image 13 that are denoted in reference to the vehicle ehzimologia transmitted to an external server 16a user 10 authorised on the external server 16 for the image data denoted in reference to the vehicle is granted access to the image data, and the image data 18, 19 are displayed to the user 10 by means of VR goggles 17wherein an object detected by means of numerical methods is highlighted in colour in the image depicted in the VR goggles.

The number of second data packets 17a, 17b, 17c is based on the first counter value 23and each of the second data packets 17a, 17b, 17c is assigned to one of the data bus participants 7a, 7b, Said domestic appliance is designed in such a way that the body 16 is constructed from at least two different components 20; 21of which a first component 20 at least substantially forming the exit side 19 is made from a fire-retardant plastic.

The invention additionally relates to a corresponding local bus master and a data bus participant. A coating is then applied via PVD or other suitable methods on to the ring surface disseo create the finished piston ring.

A building chamber is provided for the generative manufacturing of components by laser deposition welding, wherein material in powder form thereby supplied is supplied by means of a powder tube.

The connecting terminal includes a cylindrical fixing portion configured to position the connecting terminal; a cylindrical inserting portion integrally connected to a first end of the fixing portion, and configured to be inserted into a socket of a mating connector; and a cable connecting portion integrally connected to a second end of the fixing portion opposite to the first end and configured to be electrically connected with a cable.

The apparatus includes a chamber comprising a stack containing space for containing a plurality of elongated wood planks arranged in a stack of a height Hs, width Ws and length Ls, a heating element arranged within or adjacent to the space, a flow generating device arranged outside the space and configured to generate a circulating flow F of curing fluid within the chamber and a fluid flow restrictor arranged between the space and the flow generating device.

The adapter comprises a mechanical interface 26 having adjusting means for adjusting the optical components of the standard objective 25a digital storage means 17an electronic interface 16 and at least one electronic component for providing the data of the digital storage means 17 to the electronic interface An exhaust gas recirculation valve 50 is arranged in the exhaust gas recirculation duct The invention relates to a method for operating a local bus 6in particular a ring bus, having data bus participants 7a, 7b, The second rope is provided at its one end with a thickening that prevents the second rope from slipping back through the tube or tubes.


The lid is divided into a first lid part which adjoins the first lateral wall, a second lid part which adjoins the second lateral wall, and a third lid part which lies between the first and the second lid part and comprises two free outer edges. Use of powder tubes for supplying solder mixtures in the generative manufacturing of components by means of laser deposition welding. The air dryer cartridge 1, 1″ has a cartridge housing 20, 20″ through which air can be conducted.

A connecting terminal for a coaxial connector and the coaxial connector are provided. The invention relates to a box system 1 having four side walls 4, 10a base panel 3and a lid 5 for transporting goods, wherein by means of an immovable hinge geometry 8 the individual elements are in each case connected by means of a solid rod 6The box system 1 comprises five rectangular plastic elements, namely the base panel 3two short side parts 4two long side parts 10optionally having a lid 5and eight solid rods 6 of different lengths which are extruded and cut to length for connecting the elements.

The invention relates to a control unit for comparing an entered password with a stored password, comprising an input for receiving the entered password and a control signal output for outputting a control signal.

As viewed in relation to the position of the receiving section 3 relative to the reference plane Ba blocking section 4 of the spring arm 1 is provided closer to the reference plane Bin relation to which blocking section the curved or bent receiving section 3 is designed as a recess. The invention relates to a safety belt 5 for a vehicle 3 having at least one belt strap 4which comprises a belt interior 13 arranged between at least two belt strap layers 4.

The compressed gas store has a wall with a compressive strength of at least 0. The control unit additionally comprises a clock generator via which a data rate for receiving the data and the rate for advancing the bits in the shift register are specified.

In relation to the position of the blocking section 4 relative to the reference plane Ba joint section 8 of the spring arm 1 is provided closer to the reference plane Bsaid joint section allowing the receiving section 3 to pivot counter to a restoring force effective towards a starting position when the receiving section 3 is pivoted.

One or more energy storage modules 16 of the energy storage system are adapted to receive regenerative power from the load.

Diseño de biorreactores y enzimología

The sour taste imparting component of the present invention was found to produce particularly beneficial results in chocolate confectionery products wherein a fruit-flavoured component or composition is present. Apparatus for distance measurement, comprising: The invention relates to a battery system 1 for an electric vehicle, comprising at least one battery module 2 having a plurality of battery cells 4 in a module housing 3 ; a system housing 5 having a separate receiving space 6 for each battery module 2which receiving space is delimited by two support walls 7 that extend parallel to one another and are spaced apart from one another, and into which the respective battery module 2 is inserted.

The actuator further comprises a filling element arranged in the spacing. The seatbelt retractor also comprises a first force limiter which extends axially and is coupled detachably to the belt reel 12 by means of a disconnecting coupling 24a second force limiter which is coupled for conjoint rotation with the first force limiter or a hub, and a third force limiter which can be coupled for conjoint rotation with the belt reel 12 by means of a connecting coupling The flow generating device and the fluid flow restrictor are further configured such that the circulating flow F of curing fluid is guided through the heating element generating a homogeneously heated and distributed flow F of curing fluid in the space.

The invention relates to an LED light module 10 for a motor vehicle headlight. An impact absorbing device comprises at least one tube A reduced load occurs if the transmission 7 has an output gear 12which is connected to the output shaft 6 for conjoint rotation in a rotational drive direction 13and at least two drive gears, namely a first drive gear 14 and a second drive gear 15which each mesh with the output gear 12 at a distance from each other in the circumferential direction 16 in order to drive the output gear The invention relates to a gait training device comprising a treadmill comprising a belt and rolling partsand a frame on which the treadmill is mounted, the rolling parts comprising: The screened sinter fractions can be intermediately stored in separate bins at the sinter plant, before being forwarded to the blast furnace.


The machine learning model may be used to determine characteristics of assist features of any portion of a design layout, even if that portion is not part of the training data. This adjustment device comprises a rigid frame and at least two masses 1.

In a process for the epoxidation of propene, comprising continuously reacting a propene feed with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of an epoxidation catalyst in a reaction step, using propene in excess to hydrogen peroxide, to provide a liquid reaction mixture comprising non-reacted propene, extra safety measures caused by the presence of oxygen during work-up of the liquid reaction mixture of the epoxidation reaction can be avoided by strippingliquid reaction mixture from step a with an inert gas to provide an oxygen depleted stripped liquid reaction mixture and a strip gas stream, selecting the amount of inert gas to provide an oxygen concentration in the strip gas stream in the range of from 0.

The invention further relates to methods for the production thereof, products that contain said microcapsules, methods for producing polysensory olfactory impressions and to the corresponding use of the microcapsule system.

Adjustment device 1 for a chair which is provided with a rocking mechanism composed of a first plate 2which is fixed to a central gas- operated post 7 for the height adjustment of a seat and to which a second plate 10 is articulated, about a first axis 9 that is transverse thereto and so that it can rock, the second plate being fixed to a seat or being integral with a seat and interacting with means 8a, 8b which are adapted to contrast the rocking of a backrest.

A second controllable switch is arranged between the first input node Ea of the differential operational amplifier and the second current path Disclosed is a semiconductor component 1 comprising: According to the invention, provision is made that the first adjustment mechanism 28 has a first interface 38the second adjustment mechanism 30 has a second interface 40the third adjustment mechanism 32 has a third interface 42and the fourth adjustment mechanism 34 has a fourth interface 44 for temporarily receiving a corresponding interface 70 of a hand-held drive unit 50such that the hand-held drive unit 50 can be coupled temporarily and sequentially to the first, second, third and fourth interfaces 38, 40, 42, 44 for the purpose of transmitting an adjustment movement in order to move the first and second hinge points 17, 19 and to position them in a predefined desired position.

The method has the steps of initializing 7 a counter value, counting 8 units of data 4wherein the counter value changes for each unit of data 4and adding 12, 14 a CRC value into the data packet 1 when the counter value reaches a reference value or all of the units of data 4 in the data packet 1 have already been counted.

The invention proposes a converter that allows selective switching between various converter architectures capable of supplying various output voltages from the same input voltage.

The superstructure has an oval-shaped plan profile, the oval having a greater degree of h at the first end region than at the second end region. At least some regions of the cartridge housing 20, 20″ have a translucent casing surface section 18, 18″ for the passage of an optical signal emitted by a component of the optical measuring system.