DECRETO 4368 DE 2006 PDF

résultats Decreto de reforma de la ley de creación de la plantilla nacional de pago. Décret n° /PRN/MF/T du 8 mars portant fixation des salaires minimas par catégories professionnelles de travailleurs régis par. results. 50 per page, Adopción: | NICM Nicaragua – Condiciones de empleo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. OJ L , , p. 32–36 (ES, CS, DA, DE, ET, EL, EN, FR, IT, LV, LT, HU, MT, NL, PL, PT, SK, SL, FI, SV) Special edition in Bulgarian: Chapter 17 Volume.

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Substitutes definitions of ee and “wages”, and replaces Schedule setting out rate of minimum wages per month, deduction for providing housing accomodation, and deduction for providing transport. Georgia – Condiciones de empleo – Ley.

Forbids giving or receiving an increase in remuneration salary and other benefits unless permitted by an exception in the Act itself such as under agreements between employers’ and employees’ organisations. Benefit for positions of responsibility. Provides for regulation of industrial and commercial employment in the Province of ce Sindh.

Chapter 17 Volume P.

Regulates the civil law in Greece. The present decree amends the following: The contract is revoked upon the death of the worker. Para 2 regulates the extension of the fixed-term labour contracts, the financing and the amount and process of transferred resources necessary for the implementation of the Programme “Home Aid”.

Sets out the employment and working conditions of workers in industrial and commercial establishments, which employ 10 or more workers in the establishment. Sets forth the decreeto of the employer not to discriminate on the basis of the type of contract. Workers in the hospitatity industry An Act further to amend certain laws relating to industrial relations and welfare of workers.


Control functions and entry into force. Nigeria – Condiciones de empleo – Ley. Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on measures aimed at further improving the social protection of the population.

Conditions of employment and working conditions are dealt with in Chapter 3, and health, sanitation and safety matters are provided for in Chapter 4. Part I governs entitlements to leave, administrative arrangements and the granting of leave.

Resources belonging to category “Legislação” | Biblioteca Digital

Provisions as to the state guarantee for wage claims in the event of bankruptcy, etc. Nicaragua – Condiciones de empleo – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Grecia – Condiciones de empleo – Ley Law No. Amends various regulations concerning equal treatment in hiring out of workers in the following acts: IX of the Act respecting workers’ protection and the working environment, and the Ordinance respecting work of children and of youthemployers’ and workers’ respective duties, hours of work and of rest, wages, advance notice and dismissal, and guidance services.

Amends Public Services Commission Act, Act section 4 by the repeal of paragraphs hk and l. Labour Laws Amendment Act Amends the Summary Proceedings Actin particular concerning attachment of a workers’ wages or salary ss. Labour Relations Amendment Act Amends the Workmen’s Compensation Act, with regard to payment of compensation; the West Pakistan Maternity Benefit Ordinance, concerning entitlement to maternity benefit; the Provincial Employees’ Social Security Ordinance, with regard to age limits, length of payment of benefit, survivors’ benefit where the survivor is a female spouse, medical care of dependants and related matters; the Workers’ Children Education Ordinance,with regard to collection and administration of “cess”; and the Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act,with regard to entitlement to old-age pension and survivors’ benefits.


Resources belonging to category “Legislação”

Operation and management of the state lottery. Different rates for minors between 14 and 16 years of age. Article 7 lists the amended provisions, which are the following: Promotion procedure – lists of promoted employees. The Federal Act was amended by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in 3468 “Pakistan” with “Punjab” in article 1 concerning extent of application. National Minimum Wage Act No. The date of entry into force of the Law.

This Act provides for authorised union representatives to be granted leave with pay by their employers in order to attend approved union education courses. Ustawa z dnia 13 czerwca r. Border area and remote locality allowance Article Act to amend Act No.

Act to amend Act No. Regulates establishment of board of trustees, which shall consist of executive trustee and of a creditors’ committee of from one to three trustees. Honduras – Condiciones de empleo – Otros 206 circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Requirement for clauses on salary and conditions of work in public works. Provisions respecting subsidies for mobility of labour exchange, No.

Union Representatives Education Leave Act