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Start studying DA PAM – ACE Program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ). Department of the Army Pamphlet –24 Personnel-General Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Headquarters.

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Commanders and Army Civilian leaders establish standardized protocols so that individuals identified as havingincreased risk are referred to appropriate agencies to receive help. Precautions againstbeing found are instituted. Juan J Ortiz Jr https: When Soldiers and Army Civilians are deployed, 600-224 is vital that continental United States-based suicide preventionprogram efforts are continued so that complete coverage can be maintained from garrison to theater dq back togarrison. Positive control of the Soldier, especially during periods of transition from unit events to other appointments.

Help by letting them know that they are not alone; listen when they areready to talk. Alsoeligible are Family members of Reservists and National Guardsmen who die while on duty.

See AR —85,information and records management.

Soldiers enrolled in behavioral health services utilize and implement in and out-processingprocedures. To combat thebelief that seeking help is a sign of weakness, commanders are encouraged to reinforce ea personal courage it takes toseek behavioral health help.

Since areas such as sexual assault, substance abuse,domestic violence, depression, and PTSD are significant contributors to suicidal ideation, collaboration with subjectmatter experts in these fields is crucial, especially when screening Soldiers.

The Army Suicide Ad Program a. Tri-service medical care remote.

Hospitalizations, psychotherapy, or other therapy. The review process is not apublic meeting and the attendance is limited to the members of the Fatality Review Committee and consultants, asappropriate. This includes standardized delivery ofresultant communications and metrics to measure awareness of products and services by Soldiers, Army Civilians, andtheir Families.

If it occurs it would be a result of secondary complications, an accident, 060-24 highly unusual circumstances. The DD Form is taken 90— days after redeployment.

During deployment, periods of high susceptibility for suicide may be around mid-term leave, periods of rest andrelaxation leave, or emergency leave. This training is conducted with the assistance oflocal behavioral health officers.

Reasons for this may include shame and embarrassment, fear that their careers may be affected, concern thatpersonal issues are exposed, belief that seeking help is a pxm of weakness, concern that leadership and fellow Soldiersmay treat them differently and feelings of isolation. Lethality of suicide behavior rating scale, page 27Figure ListFigure C—1: Provide dates ofAWOL or desertion.


DA Pam 600-24

Specific issues relating to deployment and combat. Media items may be published prior to periods or events that are likely to produce a higher than normal incident ofsuicide for example, the summer moving months of July and August have a higher incidence psm suicide. Secondary gatekeepers are personnel who, by the nature of their job, may come incontact with a person at risk.

If identified as at-risk during in and out-processing, the installation or garrison refers the Soldier immedi-ately and ensures the Soldier is escorted to the nearest medical facility for assessment. Prevention is dependent upon caring and proactive unitleaders and managers who make the effort to know their personnel, including 60-24 their ability to handle stress,and who offer a positive, cohesive environment which nurtures, and develops positive life-coping skills.

This primarily refers to USAR andARNG units and personnel whose cohesion is disrupted by distance, but also includes Active Army Soldiers who liveand work more than 50 miles from an installation, such as recruiters.

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The RRPCprovides an outreach consultation capability that works directly with commanders requiring assistance in developingunit-specific risk management plans. Commanders play anintegral part during this phase, as it is their responsibility to ensure access to appropriate health care and ensure thesafety of assigned personnel.

Have a chaplain or behavioral health provider available to address theSoldiers as a group and be available to Soldiers who need to talk further. The CHPC integrates multidisciplinary capabilitiesto assist commanders in implementing local suicide prevention programs, and establishes the importance of earlyidentification of, and intervention with, problems that detract from personal and unit readiness.

The line of duty is conducted inaccordance with AR —8—4. Individualswill receive instructions and gain access to the appropriate system at the time of their assessment.

View in Fullscreen Report. The concept of intention signifies that the individual under-stood, to some degree, his or her life situation and the nature and quality of the proposed self-destructive action.

It is importantthat all screening includes referral to appropriate resources and, pwm possible, a tracking mechanism for follow-up ofhigh-risk individuals. A death isequivocal when ambiguity or uncertainty exists between any two or more of the four modes.


Continuity of support services occur through such exchange of information from the losing installation to thegaining installation. The Director, Plans and Training— ppam Informs the task force of the current training and operational requirements of the command and estimates theimpact of their requirements on the quality of life within the area served by the task force.

Suicide Prevention Task Force functions a. Family of origin history. The SPTF should create memoranda of agreement ea local authorities for sharing of documents and informationwhen a Soldier dies. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Chapter 2Key Roles, Functions, and Structure2—1.

Do not make moral judgments, act shocked, or make light of the situation. The final SRP event must occurwithin 60 days prior to the expected deployment date. Services are available on-demand in more than languages. While some suicides occur without any obvious warning, most individuals considering suicide do give warningsigns.

The command surgeon at fa headquarters echelons— 1 Assures that HCPs are trained in crisis intervention techniques using periodic in-service education. This pamphlet explains the nent has the authority to approve excep- committee scoordinate draft publica-procedures for d promotion, risk re- tions or waivers to this pamphlet that are tions, and coordinate changes in commit-duction, and suicide prevention efforts to consistent with controlling law and regu- tee status with the U.

For suicides, formal requests to complete the DD Form are ra by the DODSER data manager to themedical treatment facility DODSER point of contact for each Armed Forces Medical Ra confirmed event;follow-up messages are sent for all events for which a DD Form is not received in the required 60 days of thesuicide or within 30 days of an identified hospitalization for suicidal ideation or attempt.

However, in someinstances, suicidal intent is very difficult to identify or predict, even for a behavioral health professional. This is an optional element of the ASPP. An encounter with an at-risk person can be a deeply emotional experience, especially when someone is nottrained to provide assistance or has limited experience with people in crisis.