DA PAM 25-380-2 PDF

The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 2. DA Pam 25––2 Security Procedures for Controlled Cryptographic Items. ( Cited in para 2–) DA Pam –56 Logistics Supportability Planning and. DA Pam 25––2 Security Standards for Controlled Cryptographic Items. (Cited in para 3–) DA Pam –51 Risk Analysis for Army Property. (Cited in.

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Checked the shop stock for the following: Chap 7 Test essays. Duty Position Training Requirements.

These subject areas are used to define the training requirements for each duty position within an MOS. Initial inspection is used to determine tools, personnel, parts, cost, etc, needed to accomplish repair.

Selected a satisfactory site and marked it in accordance with FM Identify the resources on hand and the resources already committed after the support requirements have been determined. All open maintenance requests must be checked with the supporting maintenance facility. They may be conducted year-round. The web site offers on-line enrollment. Ensure you take note of personnel, equipment, and logistic requirements when preparing for site selection.

This column identifies the training location where the task is first trained to soldier training publications standards. Ensure production control procedures are current and valid. Enter the evaluator’s name, the soldier’s name, and the unit.


This column lists the task title for each task in the subject area. Maintained HR and files. The task title identifies 25-308-2 action to be performed. If soldiers have questions about tasks or which tasks in this manual they must perform, they are responsible for asking their first-line supervisor for clarification.


Alternate written tests are provided if equipment is not available for hands-on testing.


Trainers should evaluate task performance to determine which tasks each soldier can or cannot perform to standard. Can the potential site be adequately defended in case of attack?

Each part is designed to assist the commander in preparing a 25-380-22 training plan that satisfies integration, crosstraining, training-up, and sustainment training requirements for soldiers in this MOS.

They are not required in order to understand this publication. Commanders employ two primary methods to evaluate soldier proficiency: Line through the training status column of any soldier who departs from the unit.

Review quality control procedures. They are also responsible for maintaining performance of all common tasks listed in the SMCTs at their current skill level and below. DA Pam —— —— 2. Report damaged equipment to unit maintenance personnel for repair. Determined 25-38-02 security standard.

Enforced production control ad. Task summaries outline wartime performance requirements for each critical task in the STP. Soldiers who cannot perform a task to standard need further training. Periodically, soldiers should ask their supervisor or another soldier to check ea performance to ensure that they can perform the tasks.

If the soldier fails any performance measure, show what was done wrong and how to do ppam correctly. Enter the names of the soldiers you are evaluating, one name per column, at the top of the form.


Identified SAMS-1 data backup procedures. The task number is a digit number that identifies the task and skill level. Figure contains a list of training locations and their corresponding brevity codes. Reviewed entries on counseling forms for errors.

Locally reproduce the partially completed form when evaluating more than one soldier on the task or when evaluating the same soldier more than once. Entered data on missile equipment that was non-mission capable NMC during the reporting period in Part 2. These critical tasks are grouped by task commonality into subject areas. Monitored shop stock 52-380-2. List of items stocked.

Determined if maintenance performance was within unit’s acceptable range of performance. Implemented needed changes to shop security program. Completed 25-380-22 9a through 9e 3 b. Use of this form is optional. AR —— —— 5. You can readily see on which tasks to focus training. You may add names of newly assigned soldiers if there are blank pa. Identified operational readiness float ORF monthly usage and accumulation. Commanders should use the MOS training plan when developing unit training plans.