General Information. Himalayan cypress is an evergreen tree with a large, oval to broadly conical crown; it usually grows 15 – 25 metres tall, although specimens. Habitat and Ecology: In the Himalaya, Cupressus torulosa is a codominant with Juniperus in the dry inner valleys and semi-arid high mountain environments. Learn more about the Himalayan cypress – with amazing Himalayan cypress photos and facts on Arkive.

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China to the Himalayas. Cypress trees need water most in spring when they enter a growth spurt and in fall just before they go dormant. Manure Animal manure should be used more as a soil conditioner rather than a fertilizer. This fast growing conical tree has deep green needle leaves and Shiny brown cones. Cupressus plant is burnt as an incense[51, ].

Photos of a 40 feet high Cupressus torulosa. Cones can remain closed on the tree for a number of years, opening after the heat of a forest fire to scatter their seeds which then germinate and grow away quickly in the ashes of the fire[]. Not really for the casual reader. In cultivated landscapes, you can grow them in almost cuupressus soil.


The seedlings are very subject to damping off so should be watered with care and kept well-ventilated[]. Do not allow the fertiliser granules to come in contact with the stem of the plant, this can have adverse effects. Seed cones from the above tree [C.


Top 10 flowering plants Top 10 flower bed plants Top 10 fragrant plants Top 10 fruit plants Top 10 ground covers Top 10 hard cuoressus kill plants Top 10 herbs. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Anything longer than 8 weeks and we recommend potting them in larger pots if your garden bed is not ready for planting, this will also ensure continued growth until the garden is ready.

Seed – sow late winter in a cold frame and only just cover the seed[]. Any query about cupressus torulosa, himalayan cypress – 0.

Cupressus Torulosa, Himalayan Cypress – 0. Right plant wrong place. The leaves are used[]. Bald cypress grows naturally near springs, on lake banks, in swamps or in bodies of water that flow at a slow to moderate rate. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs.

Apart from containing many good nutrients that your plants can use, it can also be applied to poor soils which are either sandy or clay to help with water drainage, nutrient and moisture retention Only composted manure should be used, fresh manure should be avoided as it will draw nitrogen out of the soil as it decomposes and may also burn your young plants if too much is applied. Tools Scissors or Secateurs Spade or hand shovel depending on your soil type Watering can or soft flow watering wand Getting started The first thing you need to do when you receive your plants is to remove them from the bags and give them a good drink.


Branches slender, drooping, with thin, whip-like tips. This species is planted on a small scale as a timber tree in Italy[50]. Edited by Christopher J.

Cupressus torulosa – Wikipedia

This amount of time varies greatly for each variety depending its growth rate and the size of the container. For a list of references used on this page please go here. Get 1 Plant O Boost Free.

Cpressus Its very difficult to set out an exact watering schedule for all cupdessus as there are so many varying condition such as plant variety, position sun, shade and windseason, soil type and mulch. It is in leaf all year. Back Site map Contact us. Mature torulsa are rounded at the base with a pointed crown. Bark on the above tree ca.

Some photos of the tree can be seen by clicking on the link below. It prefers dry or moist soil. For more information about QR Codes click here. Cone-bearing branchlet with leaves and seed cone [Li Aili] Fu et al. Being in such small containers means they will dry out very quickly. Tue May 30 Where you store your plants will depend on how long you will be keeping them in the pots. Reviews There are no reviews yet.