Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. But in his Tony Award- winning play Copenhagen, Michael Frayn shows us that these men were passionate. In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. Now that Niels Bohr’s famous unsent letter to Werner Heisenberg has finally been published—and for the most part only confirmed.

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First, they proved to be relatively consistent with Heisenberg’s recollections of the meeting [6] given to Jungk inmeaning that the course of the conversation can now be fairly well established.

I can see that. Among the documents were the unsent letters Bohr drafted to Heisenberg in about Jungk’s book and other topics.

The play was originally written in English, but the real people in the exchange may have had this conversation in Danish or German.

Lists with This Book. Starting with several conflicting but sometimes co-existent historical accounts, Frayn creates fictionalized versions of these three figures and sets them talking. Many of them are referenced in the context of their work with either Bohr or Heisenberg. Tiny Denmark, meanwhile, was an occupied state. A collection of historical essays provoked by the play was published in English in The complete review ‘s Review:. This is I feel the premise and emotion garnered from this work.

I noticed tears in your eyes at one point. Had their schedule been off by a few months, there would have been no atomic bombs ready for use during World War II, and the Manhattan Project still holds the world record for fastest time between deciding to make a copennhagen weapon and actually having one.


Michael Frayn works to keep this distinction as small as possible. In his post-script, he writes, “If this needs any justification, I can only appeal to Heisenberg himself. I’ll come back and write a proper review for the book once I manage to disentangle gy thoughts on it.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

View all 5 comments. If anything in my behaviour could be interpreted as shock, it did not derive from such reports but rather from the news, as I had to understand it, that Germany was participating vigorously in a race to be the first with atomic weapons. I don’t want to see him working hard and learning more about plutonium than most people will ever know bby their lifetimes. I’m a danger to mankind; I’m also your guest.

These are all traits of the artistic style known as Expressionism. They talk about the exhilaration of being on the cutting edge of physics in the s, the death of one of the Bohrs’ sons in a boating accident, the encroachment of the Nazis on Germany’s brilliant, promising scientific community, and, yes, the manipulation of uranium to create nuclear fission.

The question bears the same gravitas as the one regarding books. To Bohr himself, and Margrethe.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Frrayn confident it would be an honor to stage this play and I am confident I would be thrilled to serve as the dramaturg on such a production.

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Copenhagen by Michael Frayn

Inthe German scientist visited Bohr, his old mentor and long-time friend, in Copenhagen. Often, plays give me that something extra, be it the love, the strength, or the determination that I need to move forward in my life. This principle is applied to nuclear weaponrysuggesting that nations will act differently when they think that an opponent can produce nuclear arms, whether or not the opponent can.

Sometimes one character will not notice that there are other people in the space, and speak as if to no one. The world that Frayn presents is outside of our conceptions as audience members, simply by fopenhagen of the fact that no one attending the play has ever died. In fact, it seems to have been offered up, quite post-hoc, as an explanation while the German scientists were being interred at Farm Hall and trying to grapple with the meaning of Hiroshima.

There have been some articles on this. His works often raise philosophical questions in a humorous copenhageb. This point is of interest, because it is at odds with the suggestion by critics that miscalculations by Heisenberg had led him to conclude erroneously, that atomic weapons were not feasible.

Books by Michael Frayn.