Il contatore Geiger avanzato con Bluetooth; Si collega agli smartphone Android / iPhone; Rileva particelle beta, gamma e raggi gamma (SBM Geiger-Muller) . Radioattività contatore reale basato su un sensore della fotocamera. Funziona come un Geigercounter. Noi abbiamo esaminato molti telefoni mobili nel centro. Riker ×× ( bytes) Contatore Geiger del Laboratorio di Fisica del Liceo Classico “G. Pascoli” di Gallarate (VA).

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Accessori Lotto di 4 pile Lotto di 4 pile a Telecamera IP wireless interna e colore. Audible radiometer immediately shipment fy ii geiger counter rivelatore detettore radioattivita contatore geiger counter dosimet Principle of operation: Geiger Counter detects beta particles and gamma rays conratore X, called ionizing radiation, with great sensitivity.

It has Beta particles, and ionization creat.


It has Beta particles, and ionization created by X and Gamma radiation, indicating the ‘amount of energy, transmitted to the material per unit time.

It corresponds to an equivalent dose received by the human body for an hour, or ‘dose rate’.

Reminders on the radio-activity: The matter is made of atoms. Each atom has a nucleus composed of protons and neutrons.


The core is surrounded by electrons orbiting like satellites. Beta particles are electrons.

Because of their charge, they react strongly with matter. They travel a few centimeters to several meters in the air. Aluminum foil can stop them. Alpha particles are helium cpntatore, or 2 protons and 2 neutrons.

gieger They travel a few centimeters in air, a sheet of paper can stop them. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation formed during physical phenomena occurring within the nucleus of the atom. They are capable of producing ions directly or indirectly atoms or molecules of non-zero electric charge when they pass through matter. They can travel tens of meters of the air age.


Contatore Geiger-Muller by Paolo Rossi on Prezi

Their penetration may be very large, very thick lead and concrete and strongly attenuates. X-rays Gamma rays are similar to but trained in physical phenomena occurring within the electron cloud of the atom. They are used in medicine and rarely found in nature.

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