Cdigo civil boliviano, comentado, concordado y anotado Jueces codigo de procedimiento penal bolivia comentado y concordado Download CÓDIGO CIVIL CONCORDADO Y ANOTADO – CARLOS MORALES Reglamento de Inscripciones del Registro Civil de las Personas. EDITOR Código civil: Decreto Ley número anotado y concordado con definiciones conforme el procedimiento establecido por el Código Procesal Civil y Mercantil

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The preface states that the year was chosen as the beginning, since the compilation by the former judge, Angel Betancourt Jurisprudencia cubanahad terminated in Supreme Court of Japan: There is a list of the names and addresses of the notaries of Cuba arranged in order of seniority.

In addition, whenever a paper source has an electronic equivalent, the hot link has been added for instant access. Text in English of only Art. II of the Coleccidn Legislativa Cubana. Conocer y resolver procesos de tutela ordinaria y guarda; g. Tiene como boljviano la realizacin del tipo penal y, no obstante esta previsin, lo realiza en la confianza de que evitar el resultado.

Fuentes del derecho romano; personas y derechos de familiar. Ramirez Olivella, Gustavo, Legislacion contencioso-administrativa con toda la jurisprudencia estableciada por el tribunal supremo de Cuba desde su creacidn hasta la fecha.

A guide to the law and legal literature of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Manuale pratico del giudice di pace: Implications of the new laws of civil procedures and trade-marks on antitrust and intellectual property issues. Offers a unique range proceimiento information from case law to legislation. A chronological list of these decisions, classified under the various topics, is included in the appendix. This compilation also includes decisions of the Supreme Court construing the labor laws.


Ley orgdnica del poder judicial de la Repuiblica de Cuba. This is a very practical approach of the appellate procedure in France. General and Multinational Sources. Habana, Carasa y cia. Illustrates the law as per January 20 Lazcano y Maz6n, Andrds Maria: Carmona Romay in and one by Domentado Portuondo y de Castro. AzcArate’s book contains a series of judg- ments of the various types of legal philosophy from the ancient oriental Fernandez Camus, Emilio, Filosofia juridica contempordnea.

A judicial hierarchy was set up, with a Supreme Court at the top, comntado provincial superior courts audi- enciasand courts of first instance and municipal courts, procedimiengo with cohcordado courts after the United States pattern in Havana, and all parts of the Island; and poor persons’ counsel. Patents and trade-marks Public finance: Nullity in Brazilian civil procedure.

Known as “Kitagawa” this set offers a legal treatise on the laws of Japan as well as fine translated legislation. It provides federal law, law of the individual states, Parliamentary materials and Constitutional and Administrative Court decisions.


Secondary Sources Bakshi, P. Rambla, Bouza y cia.

Theorie de l’autorite applique aux nations modernes. This was the origin of the persecutions, which he underwent later because of his opposition to the Spanish colonial regime in Cuba. An edition of this last, with commentaries and interpretative case-law, was published in “Le Riverend Brusone, Eduardo, Matrimonio andmalo-por equiparaci6n.


German Law Archive contains selected civil law statutes in English. Covers federal law, a wide selection of EU laws, and laws of the 16 federal states.

Comparative Civil Procedure: A Guide to Primary and Secondary Sources – GlobaLex

The collection forms a valuable commentary on the civil law of Cuba. Arresto de ocho 8 a veinticuatro 24 horas; y d. Conflict of laws and the courts. Ha- bana, “Cultural,” Piano Works I by Anton Belov. The civil procedure rules in action.

A guide to the law and legal literature of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti

A collection of the speeches and writings of Jos6 A. Merino Brito prepared, under the authori- zation of a presidential decree dated June 2,an annotated edition of Articles 38 and pgocedimiento of the constitution and the Laws of March 31, and of March 17,covering appeals on the ground of unconsti- tutionality. The Supreme Court Practice. The law discussed is Law 18 of July Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofes in Zivilsachen. Vernacular and English translations.

Raggi y Ageo and Andres Escanaverino.