Ahmad Deedat is one of South Africa’s well known Muslim missionaries whose contributions towards Christian-Muslim relations have been. What is His name? is a discussion of the concept of God by focusing on the etymologies, semantics, and phonologies of the proper noun for God Almighty in . Written by famed South African scholar and author, Ahmed Deedat, founder of the Islamic Propogation Centre in South Africa, the book The Choice Vol.1 is the .

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Retrieved on 18 March Aug 22, Sattar Waheed rated it it was amazing Shelves: Only Allas swt can reward Ahmad Deedat.

The Choice: Dialog Islam – Kristen by Ahmed Deedat

Retrieved 15 August He was very simple with immense knowledge proved to be a driving force. May jannatul firdaus be his final abode. Such accusations seemed to offend Deedat and were to form a major influence on Deedat’s subsequent interest in comparative religion.

King Faisal International Prize There is one thing that I know, without fabrication, and that is, this book is sure to make you think! amhad

Shk Ahmed Deedat’s Books

Diin-faafiye Saamayn Yeeshay Maankaab. A sophisticated program of luncheons, speeches and free hand-outs was created to give an increasingly large number of international tourists often their first look at Islam.

Ahmed Hoosen Deedat — Ahmzd Deedat,May Allah rest his soul in peace and have mercy upon him. This book recorded the techniques and enormous success of the efforts of Muslims in India in turning the tables against Christian missionary harassment during the British subjugation and rule of India.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are times, of course, when questions surface deeedat the importance of correct dogma, about the importance of labels to a God whom we believe sees beyond labels and looks at the hearts of people. Buku kecil ini menghujat kembali tulisan Frank Morison dengan tajuk sama yang menulis hipotesis tentang mengapa makam itu kosong dan siapa yang mengalihkan batu yang menutupi makam yang didakwa makam sebagai Makam Nabi Isa sehingga akhirnya membuktikan bahawa bukan Nabi Isa yang disalib tetapi Orang lain.

Archived from the original on 22 June Hope you keep enjoying his programs as we post them video on Institute Al Islam on a weekly basis. Muhammad -peace be on him- is the True Wali to Jesus. Otman Doukali rated it liked it Apr 14, Tidak, beliau tidak mengerti apapun pada saat itu. Never bored reading this book What is the Holy Quran? In particular, the idea of holding debates had a profound effect on Ahmed Deedat. He was listen all question and he answer them very smoothly.

What is His name? Ahmed Deedat debated with Palestinian Anis Shorrosh several times.

Dialog Islam – Kristen by Ahmed Deedat. Quran is the Miracle of the Miracles. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Great book with a great arguments. May his deeds be accepted by Allah. Deedat’s first internationally well-known debate took place in Augustwhen he debated well-known Christian preacher Josh McDowell in Durban, South Africa.


Meriemah rated it it was amazing Jul 21, May Allah bless you in your grave and enter you paradise Loading Sep 15, Ariffah 9 rated it really liked it. After becoming a Muslim, I continued aumad read books about Christianity because the “skin” of Christianity was hard to cast off after 28 years in the religion; years that almost led me to becoming the minister of an African Methodist Episcopal A.

Khalifa disclosed some controversial beliefs, including his rejection of the entire Hadith literature of Islam. Aameen ya Rab Loading May your gentle soul ahmaf in perfect peace.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – Institute Al Islam

Im just curjous bcz im a really amad fan of his books n debates n im curious about his famiky… JazakAllah wasalaam Loading Islam and Christianity were initially printed in April ; [36] this book was very popular in the s, available for free at many missionary outlets across North America. Hardcoverpages. Seeing the popularity of the classes, Mr.