Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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The following permanent displays are available: NOTICE If a relief valve discharges periodically, this may be due to thermal expansion in a closed water supply system. Before operating your heating system manually, check the temperature settings of the temperature limiter on the boiler. Selecting a standard program. Please note that fittings can also get very hot. Ensure that the boiler to offtake gasket is fitted foil face upwards and the clamp is made with four nuts and washers securely fixed.

This reduction is only effective for the duration of the flue gas test. 111.1 drier the air, the cooler a room feels. Open main shut off valve.

Several of these modules can be used in one control unit. Interrupting the holiday function Press “Night mode”. Is there sufficient clearance for air to enter the Boiler at the rear of appliance?


Download – Buderus

If the problem occurs again, turn the boiler off and consult your installer. It is useful to measure the combustion data, i. The display shows “F05”. After each start-up attempt the boiler will signal a start-up failure. The boiler must be operational when you do this.

The Day on the Display will flash. Fault message “Time switch not possible” Fault messages. In the “Family program”, the switching point “Monday A heating program provides automatic changeover between operating modes day and night mode at fixed times. You cannot freely enter any temperature here. jujo

Boulter Camray 5 Technical data |

Slide the ceiling trim onto this last extension ensuring it is the correct way up screws at the top. A dirty fan impeller can impair the performance of a burner, inspect and clean if necessary. Observe the listed maximum lengths of vent system, which are boiler model dependent.

If this temperature is likely to cause nuisance or discomfort your installer should be able to advise on a suitable temperature blending valve.

All Air from Outdoor sealed combustion The closet shall be provided with two permanent openings, one commencing within 12 inches mm from the top, and one commencing within 12 inches mm from the bottom of the enclosure. What are heating circuits?

If not this could result in an inconvenient break down. Remove budersu terminal 4 screws and put terminal to one side. Each opening shall have a minimum free area of 1 square inch per 1, Btu per hour of total input rating of all gas utilization equipment in the confined space, but no less than square inches.


If you budeeus to cancel the party function, call up party function as described above and turn the rotary selector to “0”. L Faulty gas burner fitting cable connection. Changing the permanent display.

The unit will revert to The control concept is: If the Boiler is to stand on a floor made of combustible material then protection between the Boiler and the floor should be provided by means of non combustible material. Approximately 2 seconds later the designation budegus the currently selected standard program will appear.

Any kitchen work top above the Camray 5 Combi Boiler must be made removable for service access or replacement of parts. Continue with the rest of the installation. PK Connector for the primary loop pump V 60Hz. Is the tank painted or suitably protected externally? Boiler installation in bedrooms or living rooms should be avoided if possible.