1. Altruism, Cooperation, Generosity – Bereczkei Tamás oldala In one of our experiments (Bereczkei et al. ) we . Bereczkei T. Evolúciós pszichológia. Tamás Bereczkei of University of Pécs, Pécs (PTE) with expertise in: Behavioural így mind evolúciós pszichológiai, mind szervezetpszichológiai kutatásokban. a lélek] (Bereczkei Tamás); Iránytu az evolúciós pszichológiához [Bereczkei Tamás: Evolúciós pszichológia] (Kardos Péter); Intuitív aritmetika.

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Roland Tisljar and Tamas Bereczkei An evolutionary interpretation of humor and laughter. Atlantisz,12 See Symposium by Plato in Hungarian in: In the context of long-term mating, both sexes placed a greater emphasis on cues of family commitment rather than on those of resources and physical condition.

The participants of the experiment did not take part in solving one or more tasks in an experimental game but they were induced to respond to an everyday problem while staying within the framework of their own life.

Untrustworthy faces might look different from trustworthy faces, but this discrimination is not based only pszicholia universal, constant facial cues.

Males seeking short-term mates demanded physical attractiveness more, and females seeking short-term mates preferred mates with many resources, compared to those pursuing long-term mating. After all, not only quantitative but also gams reproduction is needed to generate a healthy population. Thus, they were not recruited to perform a particular task, but their behavior was observed in their own environment, in the system of social relationships that they were living in.

Thus heterosexual reproduction and homosexual alliance together form a natural and healthy society. One of the key questions in evolutionary biology and psychology is why individuals help strangers without the possibility of return Batson et a.


That is, homosexuals are not against reproduction, on the contrary, they form a biological community together with them. Results showed that participants rate own-race faces more trustworthy comparing the faces from other race. We have been pursuing a research program that is focusing on the role of humour and laughing in mate choice Tisljar and Bereczkei For a long time, unfortunately, even homosexuals regarded themselves to be the dead-end of biology.

The reproductive consequences of mate choice were found adaptive in a large Hungarian sample: An experimental paradigm has been set up to test specific hypotheses concerning the role of humor in the context of short-term and long-term relationships and psszicholgia differences between sexes in this respect.

In the case of homosexuals, it was specially confirmed by the aforementioned study by Camperio-Ciani9.

Help Center Find new research papers in: We have revealed not only that females were more likely than males to prefer resources in evolciz, even not only that females offering cues of physical attractiveness made higher demands than those who did not, but the better physical conditions the females offered, the higher financial and occupational status they required in potential mates.

A representative of a charity organization requested students bfreczkei a seminar group to support people in need lone, elderly, homeless and mentally retarded people. Back to Previous Menu. To create target stimulus, we used 3 Caucasian face-identities, which differented on the level of trustworthiness.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Bwreczkei. Contrary to cultural powerlessness hypothesis, women with higher status valued resources in mates even more than lower-ranked women. Breczkei aspects of humor can be interpreted as a product of natural selection for survival. Evolution and Human Behavior According to the recent evolutionary theory, males and females have been selected for different kinds of mate preferences as behavioral adaptations in our ancestral past.


No significant results were found between the three other gaze directions left, right and up. Using lonely heart advertisements, we made an attempt to provide a detailed analysis of traits males and females offer and demand in the “bargaining” of reproductive values Bereczkei et al.

Machiavellizmus, a megtévesztés pszichológiája by Bereczkei Tamás

Actually, homosexuals are cohesive forces of the society and culture in a heterosexual society they also have the same, helping function ; society cannot be imagined without them in the sociological sense of the word. Subjects better recognize the photos faces of cheaters than those of cooperators when they do not know who are cheaters and cooperators. Individual selection can favour cooperative strategies directed towards recipients that have helped others in the past.

Click here to sign up. In the second study, the costly signaling model is used to examine reputation-building as a result of charity offers to strangers Birkas et al.

Machiavellizmus, a megtévesztés pszichológiája

In return, those who were willing to participate in a particular charity activity received a significantly higher score on the scales measuring sympathy pszichoglia trustworthiness than the others. This is known as the own-race effect. Down looking faces were judged as less trustworthy.