The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as Redemptorist Church and Fr. Leo J. English, R. conducted the first Baclaran Novena with 70 participants on Wednesday, June 23, , giving rise to Wednesday’s. Posts about history of Baclaran novena written by Baclaran Phenomenon. Novena in Baclaran @ USTREAM. Catholic. Novena in Baclaran. , total views. Share. Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn. Audio only. Novena in Baclaran.

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The purpose of the novena is not just to bring our needs and aspirations to God through the prayers of Our Mother of Perpetual Help novenna to let Mary bring us to Jesus in order to follow him—the true path to God. It would be a great means, therefore, that in praying the novena for nine days, we contemplate on the meaning of the whole Icon and its parts.


The whole purpose of this contemplation is to live our daily lives and experiences in the example of Mary— following the path of Jesus towards true happiness and peace.

The shrine saw an opportune time to revise the novena during the celebrations of the th Jubilee of the icon in In the spirit of the th Jubilee of the Icon, a new version of the novena was published.

This latest version aims to:. An interesting feature of the novena is the return of the contemplation of the meaning and spirituality of the icon and its parts as an essential part of praying the novena.

How to Pray the Novena. Download the new revised novena.

Novena as major attraction of the Baclaran shrine

Shrine of Devotion, Shrine of Mission. Letter of the Week.

This latest version aims to: Help in the renewal towards an authentic devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help Adopt the novena to the signs of the times particularly baclaraj new issues and challenges that our world is confronted today.


Express a more healthy and meaningful understanding and practice of devotion to our Blessed Mother.

Incorporate an inclusive language into the novena. If possible, assist at Mass on Novena days. Those unable to go to the Church because of sickness or the like, may pray the Novena at home before the nofena of our Mother of Perpetual Help.

At the conclusion of the Novena there may be Benediction or Holy Mass. Mediator Dei, Par II. Receive Holy Communion as often as possible.