Scenario cards for all North Sea scenarios, the Battle of Coronel, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and hypothetical battles for the pursuit of the. Regal Miniatures miniature ships mounted on the counters of the Avalon Hill boardgame Jutland. We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. I have the counters, rules, plot maps, task forces boards, time record sheets, The game featured in a number of editions of the old Avalon Hill.

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The Germans benefitted from ships such as the Hindenberg and the Baden which were not yet completed in Down with the King Enemy in Sight A large room was required to play at this scale. I have a PC program that will do the shooting and damage tracking for you too.

Replaces the cumbersome search procedure of the game with faster, streamlined search that places more emphasis on using battlecruiser squadrons as advance search force.

Jutland Jutland box cover. This is probably the most streamlined board game for simulating the fog of war that hung over the entire event, with the drawback that you might play for a couple hours without the fleets sighting each other. Go to Board Game Greek and you can find them there.

Jim Pitts peers at the finger. Yup they’re excellent mini’s. For Seekreig V, you can get detailed ship data sheets for almost everything that floated, or was palnned to float, from around to or so. No – not even close. GWAS is too bland and basic for mini’s.


Jutland (game)

The game provided custom rulers for determining hjll. World War I And the British will bring ALL of their ships this time! The German Battle cruiser force steams towards the left. Find More Posts by The Colonel. Most of the battleships are about 1.

However, to the German’s horror, the British players found that they had accidentally left thier two strongest battle squadrons back at Scapa Flow.

Game play at the lower level is more like miniature play than like Avalon Hill’s traditional hexgrid mapboard game. The Regal miniatures are small enought that they fit exactly onto the Jutland game counters.

Views Read Edit View history. The Germans were handling the British ships very roughly when, warned by radio intercepts before the Germans even left ruels, Admiral Jellicoe arrived with the Grand fleet.

Comes with a hex map of the North Sea for both sides to plot their moves, and has all the abstractions you asked for. The game is unusual for an Avalon Hill game in that there is no mapboard. The counters are about 2.

The red arrow shows the German Battle cruisers and thier direction. Each fleet starts jutoand port and players plot map moves until encounters occur, at which point you set up the tactical battles.

Find More Posts by Easterner Quite a number of games have been played using them. Find More Posts by IrishRover. Hopefully this will help people enjoy this classic game even more! We use the destroyer counters and Light Cruiser counters from the game without adding any miniature ships to them. James Bond Ships such as the Queen Elizabeth which was in the Mediteranian Sea at the time, and the Emperor of Avaloon which was in dock are in his battle fleet.


Jutland Scenario Cards V1. Instead, the game operates on two levels: On the other hand, it’s really only suitable for small actions, unless Seekreig V incorporates major changes.

Jutland | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

It also corrects some minor typos. The game master arbitrated this. Second Jutland by AH. And if neccesary for a third game, Jay Stribling might find it neccesary to purchase American dreadnoughts! Was this a historical replay of the battle of Jutland? At the end of the game, the British had 9 victory points, to the Germans’ WW1 Naval Wargaming Rules. People have mentioned Seekreig to me, but it looks a little chromed for a place to start Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

The game’s instructions noted that the ship counters were not to scale in relation to movement rulers.