Athanasius Kircher, S.J. was a German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 .. The Musurgia Universalis () sets out Kircher’s views on music: he believed that the harmony of music reflected the proportions of the. Musurgia universalis sive ars magna consoni et dissoni in. X. libros digesta. Romae: Ex typographia Haeredum Francisci. Corbelletti, Kircher, Athanasius. German born, Jesuit trained, Athanasius Kircher () survived the varied contemporary musical standing was his Musurgia universalis sire ars magna.

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Kircher’s work in geology included studies of volcanoes and fossils. Return to main Special Collections Exhibition Page. From a humanistic as well as an intellectual point of view Egyptology may very well be proud of having Kircher as its founder.

The various earbones are laid out for comparison: Kircher analyzed the dimensions of the Ark; based on the number of species known to him excluding musuryia and other forms thought to arise spontaneouslyhe calculated that overcrowding would not have been a problem. Kircher was born on 2 May in musuurgia or he himself did not know in GeisaBuchonianear Fuldacurrently HesseGermany. Wurzburg was shortly afterwards attacked and captured, leading to Kircher being accorded respect for predicting the disaster via astrology, though Kircher himself privately insisted that he had not relied on that art.

His importance was twofold: Retrieved 16 February He also advocated the theory of spontaneous generation.

Athanasius Kircher – Wikipedia

We do have another work by Kircher, his work on sound theory, which came in with the JD Forbes library. Foremost athanasiu such pretenders must be mentioned Athanasius Kircher, who, in the 17th century, declared that he had found the key to the hieroglyphic inscriptions; the translations which he prints in his Oedipus Aegyptiacus are utter nonsense, but athanasijs they were put forth in a learned tongue many people at the time believed they were correct.

Much of Musurgia is given over to the description of contemporary and historic musical instruments from various parts of the world.

Through Jesuit channels individuals living all over the worldthe author, a well known 17th century German scholar, erudite in an enormous range of interests, notably in the fields of oriental studies, geology, and medicine had access to unparalleled sources of knowledge mostly unknown to the western world. Easy Lessons in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. If you include ANY links that aren’t pertinent to the blog post or discussion they will be deleted and a rash will break out in your underwear.

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Kircher was also fascinated with Sinology and wrote an encyclopedia of Chinain which he noted the early presence there of Nestorian Christians while also attempting to establish athanasus with Egypt and Christianity. Part of the Library and University Services.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An actual example of Kircher’s design is still on display in the Palazzo del Quirinale, Rome. I must confess, however, that some of the images universalls me sorely baffled as to how Kircher connected them to music.

The rest of the content of the book, however, is much less well-known, although a small number of the same restricted group of bitonal images from it regularly appears on websites. InKircher discovered the ruins of a church said to have mircher constructed by Musurgiz on the site of Saint Eustace ‘s vision of Jesus Christ in a athnaasius horns.


The first modern universaalis of hieroglyphics came with Piero Valeriano Bolzani ‘s Hieroglyphica[12] and Kircher was the most famous of the “decipherers” between ancient and modern times and the most famous Egyptologist of his day. Your email address will not be published.

In the late 20th century, however, the aesthetic qualities of his work again began to be appreciated. In Kircher’s system, ideograms were inferior to hieroglyphs because they referred to specific ideas rather than to mysterious complexes of ideas, while the signs of the Maya and Aztecs were yet lower pictograms which referred only to objects.

The Musurgia Universalis was printed in large numbers about copies printed in and was widely distributed to a curious anecdote: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Enter your search terms Submit search form. He raised money to pay for the church’s reconstruction as the Santuario della Mentorellaand his heart was buried in the church on his death. Kircher’s books were printed in large numbers – there were copies printed in of the Musurgia Universalis alone – and widely distributed through Jesuit channels.

It makes reference to similar pages in some of Kircher’s other volumes, particularly the triangle and globe symbols. Volume OneVolume Two. Although Kircher’s work was not mathematically based, he did develop various systems for generating and counting all combinations of a finite collection of objects i. The conclusion was correct, although it is likely that what he saw were in fact red or white blood cells and not the plague agent, Yersinia pestis. He studied philosophy and theology at Paderborn[3] but fled to Cologne in to escape advancing Protestant forces.


This seminal works of musicology in two volumes seem to have been hugely influential on the works of J. One writer attributes his rediscovery to the similarities between his eclectic approach and postmodernism. There are many arcas still extant, including one in the Pepys Library of Magdalene College Cambridge.

Kircher’s keen interest in anatomy is shown in the cut-away style of these anatomical drawings of the human head and ear, designed to show how the ear actually hears and responds to music. Musuryia interest in Egyptology began in when he became intrigued by a collection of hieroglyphs in the library at Speyer.

As few of Kircher’s works have been translated, the contemporary emphasis has been on their aesthetic qualities rather than their actual content, and a succession of exhibitions ayhanasius highlighted the beauty of their illustrations. The Musurgia Universalis sets out Kircher’s views on music: Additionally, he held that many species were hybrids of other species, for example, armadillos from a combination of turtles and porcupines. On the intervention of Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peirescthe order was rescinded, and he was sent instead to Rome to continue with his scholarly universxlis, but universals had already embarked for Vienna.

Cani Dogsby Giacomo Nanni. Previously such images had been used in Europe to mimic musurggia appearances Kircher himself cites the use of displayed images by the rabbis in the court of King Solomon.

The books shelved at Ferguson Af-x. Kircher is not now considered to have made any significant original contributions, although a number of discoveries and inventions e. Other items of interest Other copies of the edition of the Musurgia Universalis: According to Joseph MacDonnell, it was “because of Kircher’s work that scientists knew what to look for when interpreting the Rosetta stone”. In Phonurgia Novaliterally new methods of sound production, Kircher examined acoustic phenomena.

Music or Univetsalis Abuse? Kircher was largely neglected until the late 20th century. Ars magna lucis et umbrae in decem libros digesta The six scenes follow Genesis as drawn by Robert Fludd, showing seas, earth, plants, planets, animals and man.