Frstly, as a disclaimer, Ive really only spent six months thinking about the theoretical side of tactics in Football Manager, and how the match. 4v0+GK: – Here the midfielders crisscross and the forward acts like a wall favoring the shot at goal of a teammate. – #3 receive the ball from the coach and pass. AC Milan’s Under Arrigo Sacchi – – . Great Team Tactics: Breaking Down How Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan Took Down Europe.

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We’ve got Calbria and Conti at the club at right back, and Rodriguez at left back also signed that Ricca from Malaga for 1m as cover. This applied to srrigo defenders as Franco Baresi often found himself in the midfield nipping attacks in the bud when Ancelotti had to adjust in accordance with Donadoni and Colombo.

The legacy of Arrigo Sacchi

The zonal marking though was almost at its fullest furore though in the first season as Milan focused heavily in cutting out the passing options and the lanes. Are you saying then that this is completely useless and meaningless? He had very clear ideas and was staunch in following them. Zivkovic is nice, because if you put him on the right as a “Winger – A”, he has a left foot and cuts inside PPM, so this will actually perfectly replicate the unpredictable attacking play of Donadoni, in that he will go inside and out.

It was, for him, about more than proving his doubters wrong, more than winning trophies. In the second season, Milan reached their zenith.

They then beat Nigeria in dramatic fashion. We did this last year and lost a lot of games first season losing the scudetto to Juventus: Register a new account. Although we need to take steps to mitigate the tempo, since obviously we don’t want to turn into Real Madrid.


The heavy demands of his philosophy made sure that the marriage could not continue behind the next season as there was a bad taste with which Sacchi left Milan with the National team calling.

The highlight of their season was the demolition of Real Madrid. In the early s, the Italian national team were in a distinct crisis.

He received his breakthrough when he moved to Fiorentina as a youth coach. Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 7 February Posted November 29, As mentioned above, i’m aware of the tension between wide play and defensive shape. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Silva is amazing in this game, and the similarities to Van Basten in terms of the goals he has got is really cool.

I will try and retrain him there, and see what happens.

Arrigo Sacchi: The Conductor – Tifo Football

If you truly want to replicate, its an exercise of patience. Saccgi fact, the players, who were on the ball-far side, could rather stuff holes or stay zone-orientated in the middle.

The central occupancy remained an issue at times especially in the European Cup where they were knocked out by RCD Espanyol in the second round. I’m not atctics about the BBM, because Rijkaard does get involved in the build up play as well, hmmm.

Abdulmalik December 28, um Embed from Getty Images.

In that version, the left-back started the attacking play. Archived from the original on 17 October Gullit and Van Basten scored two goals each and Milan lifted the European Cup for the first time in over 20 years.

We need to get in big men in order to replicate the set-piece aspect of Saachi, as well as the goals from crosses. In fact, the high temperatures teams faced in the USA forced Italy too to change their defensive approach.


He showed a particular flair for football from his early days but could not translate that passion in the playing pitch for his local club Baracco Luco.

I can see the engine does not always like higher tempo with shorter pass as well, and saccchi to my crystal palace save, i think we’re having issues with chances being wasted, which i think might be influenced by tempo and passing style. Plus is Kolas better than Rodriguez in this version of the game?

Tcatics, I do like tactixs see a different interpretation of the same system at times because it just means we’re trying to get closer to the real thing. So it’s like, i don’t really know what i’m doing defensively, yet put together that achievement it’s the random aspect of it i guess.

The use of cover shadows in the pressing scheme was almost executed to perfection and all this was revolutionary in the way which Milan defended. I don’t know, i mean if the nature of high intensity is “using this approach to unsettle opposition”, then it would appear to be the case with Sacchi’s AC.

Occasionally i’ll watch five or ten minutes of a game, just to see how we do play outside of highlights. Bournemouth vs Arsenal Match Analysis November 27, By the end, though, it was not the disappointment of Italy or Atletico Madrid that remained in the memory. He knows his stuff when it comes to these mechanisms in FM.

Mussachio should be good enough to fit that Costacurta role. The other area of contention concerns the sachi backs. Retrieved 26 May