AR 190-22 PDF

Get the AR Searches, Seizures, and Disposition of Property. – fas. Description. Jan 1, the original form of this regulation that was published on 1. AR , paragraph (b), states: “Searches conducted off military. installations or in areas or buildings not under military control normally must be. Such ar- ticles should be opened only if nec- essary to identify the owner of the ve- hicle or if the container (Army, see AR –22; and. Air Force, see AFP.

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It’s not that hard to count or remember four people. Originally posted by Daddy Warcrimes: I do not expect any special treatment due to my age.

32 CFR 552.18 – Administration.

Seeing-eye or guide dogs will remain in guiding harness or on leash and under control of their blind masters at all times while in the facility. I met his wife, introduced myself as her husband’s Section Sergeant, welcomed her to the area Soldier was new to the Unit. And who the hell gave you the right to do a Health and Welfare? People change and want different things out of life. The installation commander will publish regulations on the registration of privately owned firearms.

Like that’s a high number. If your house is not trashed, I’m going to spend about the same amount of time in it as I do in a Solder’s barracks room doing their inspection. United States Code U. Like I said earlier from reading several of your post in the past, you seem like you are tracking more than the average Specialist.

Everyone keeps throwing out legal this, warrant that, and things about privacy laws. These searches are authorized when based on probable cause that an offense has been committed or on military necessity.


However, military personnel, when directed by competent ae, may accompany civilian police in the execution of a search warrant. So, all the party that live in that house, and also present in the house of the time of the consensual search, HAS to agree with it Learning all that I can and showing that I exceed the standard on a daily basis works for me both personally and professionally.

I told him I would like to come over tomorrow and inspect his house. I tried looking over AR but I could not find anything. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly.

I’ve xr in 11 years and still a SPC P. An installation commander may not require membership in a voluntary sundry fund activity as a prerequisite to hunting and fishing on the installation. I enlisted at age 36 and turned 37 during Week 5 of Basic Training.

Health and Welfare | Army Study Guide

I’ve been told reclassing isn’t an option until you’re in a reenlistment window, so that 19022 not always an option. The installation commander will establish rules that govern the entry into and exit from the installation and the search of persons ae their possessions as listed in paragraphs f 12and 3 of this section.

Issuance of such a permit will not be denied because of loss of revenue caused by granting a rent-free permit for operating a vending stand to a blind person. So, THANK YOU for squaring me away You just come off as soup You see generally only a Commander may order an inspection like this and generally it’s only to his area of responsibility Generally you nor your Commander have the authority to conduct inspections to a Soldier’s off post housing I’m just saying.


Health and Welfare | Army Study Guide

Now, its around the low ‘s last time I looked. All persons entering facilities should be advised in advance by a prominently displayed sign, ARBuildings and Structuresthat they are liable to search when entering the installationwhile within the confines of the installationor when leaving ARSearch, Seizure and Disposition of Sr. I’ve got education and have been planning my entrance back into the civilian world for a few years now.

For purposes of safety and to prevent possible agitation af military police working dogs, seeing-eye or guide dogs will not be allowed in or around working dog kennels and facilities. I finally have to say something.

I know we’ve all heard respect is earned. The commander should consider the fact that funds derived from certain nonappropriated fund activities such 1190-22 post exchanges, motion picture 190–22, and post restaurants are used to supplement appropriated funds in conducting the morale and recreation program.

To detect violations of these rules, special guards may be posted and authorized to search persons or possessions, including vehicles of individualsbased on military necessity.

Next day I went over, he invited me in, I looked in the kitchen as I walked past toward the living room.

Army Publishing Directorate

Which is why you’re calling it a Health and Welfare. Let’s just say you inspected one of your Soldier’s homes.

Department of the Army. Yes we did, and I’ll repeat what has been told to me by several 1SG’s in the past: Honestly, a lot of civilian life experiences have sr to do with military life experience.