With the three phases of Fat Blast, you’ll lose up to 15 lbs in 15 days, and learn raw food chef Ani Phyo breaks down the myths and preconceptions of eating. Ani Phyo has a book out called Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast with the sub title. The Kick- Ass Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter and Sexier .Super Fast!. Book review: Ani’s Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Plan to get Lighter, Ani Phyo , for those who don’t know, is a household name in the world.

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Very good, and my daughter gave it a thumbs up as well. Aug 27, Samantha Arias added it Shelves: What I normally experience is mild headache, coldness and a bit of lethargy.

Day Fat Blast | Food2Live4

I was vegan who ate very little grains or pasta before trying this diet. The recipes are easy to follow– no need for a dehydrator in this book!!

Lists with This Book. I believe eating natural foods over processed ones lead to a healthier, happier life. It’s mostly well-researched, but there’s some gross simplifications that are misleading, unscientific. Posted by Ouida at 9: So many raw foodists at least most that I’ve encountered tend to come off as “I am better than you because I’m pure” nlast Ani is just so encouraging, matter of fact and excited.


Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast: The Kick-Ass Raw Food Plan to Get Lighter, Tighter, and Sexier … Super Fast

And if the results are what’s promised, it’s well worth it. Altary rated it it was amazing Jun 19, The only thing that would had made it better is having a bit of very small chopped tomatoes in it with a side of kale chips but I definitely will add this to my recipes to repeat.

So I was excited through Phase 1. The Ghosts In Our Machine.

I also made a pitcher of my favorite mojitos, with sake, champagne, fresh lime juice, mint, and agave. Its a cool and inexpensive gadget that’s a lot of fun to play with in the kitchen. That was the question, which you will discover the answer to shortly! So this plan makes the diet easy a accessible for everyone.

It’s easy to read. Her book provides an excellent grocery list broken down for each blaast of the plan as well as one that she calls the staples for all three phases. Aromantic rated it it was amazing Sep 23, Great ideas for incorporating raw vegan food into daily life without a lot of time, expense, fay ingredients, or hassle. This book, like all of Phyo’s work inspired me to change up my daily eating plan faat to bring back many healthy elements it was missing.

And then Phase 2 came along. I’ve been curious about how to eat a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet.


I also maintained a regular exercise schedule with 30 – 40 minutes I was vegan who ate very little grains or pasta before trying this diet. This phase introduces foods blasf probiotics, like miso, sauerkraut, capers, and nutritional yeast, and the flavor of the food does get more interesting.

Kerri Gibbons rated it liked it Oct 28, I would also cut down on the coconut oil, because coconut oil has a strong flavor to me. Want to Read saving…. If you don’t skimp and make sure to double-up on meals if you’re hungry or have higher activity levels – as Ani recommends – it’s fxt easy, generous plan and you’ll do well. I eased in today by making my favorite green smoothie kale, mango, and banana with a shot of E3Live hemp protein powder with maca powder for breakfast. The title was changed from Fat Blast to Detox for reprints daj fitting!

May 15, Inez rated it liked it.

We put the ingredients for each individual smoothie in a plastic bag, leaving out the water and ice. Look forward to not only losing weight, but also building muscle, boosting endurance, slowing down aging, and feeling energized all day long. The use of fresh herbs is refreshing.