In sixteen linked essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage and how its argumentative tradition is. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen offers a brilliant corrective to the myths surrounding his homeland in The Argumentative Indian, says Soumya. Pankaj Mishra applauds Amartya Sen’s cosmopolitan view of India’s cultural and political history in The Argumentative Indian.

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As I wrote above, there’s much more to the book, but I’ll leave it to you to discover it. Then, there is also an fresh take on the issue of ‘ identity’. A Natural History of the Palette —a mere two books prior in my library queue—brought me face-to-face with cruel truth of the Bamiyan Buddhas: Oct 26, Aydin Mohseni rated it really liked it Shelves: An incredibly exasperating aspect of this book is that it repeats itself far too often.

Certified BuyerAligarh. Others will go on speaking, and you will not be able to argue back. Open Preview See a Problem? The movement east of Indian trigonometry to China was part of a global exchange of ideas that also went west around that time. I read this book in preparation for a coming trip to India, along with “English August”, and English translations of the “Bhagavad Gita” and “Ramayana”. I believe that respect for pluralism is essential for our well-being and there is room for all shades of opinion and beliefs.

Indeed, this was also about the time when Indian trigonometry was having a major impact on the Arab world, which would later influence European mathematics as well, through the Arabs. Mar 20, Varad Deshmukh rated it really liked it. Identity is a plural concept and one must not run away from the matter of making choices and allocating priorities.


Penguin Books Ltd Genre: It is a very very good book that requires a little patience to read through.

There is no kismet when the same sources, examples, and events are used the same way by the same author in a dozen unconnected essays. It’s one The Argumentative Indian is one of my all time favourites. This book was one which made me look at Indian culture a phrase I think is quite loosely and wrongly used and more often than needed and identity with fascination.

There is often a dialectic of conferring identity by contrast, which though ideally should not, may sometime have a dampening effect on assimilation of values elsewhere than its area of confinement.

Aug esn, Tanvika rated it really liked it Shelves: On most levels it was a terrible cultural tragedy. It was the first essay – responsible for the name of the book – that I found most interesting.

Amartya Sen doesn’t seem to think so. There is only one problem with his rich and instructive book: Jul 01, Sheela Lal rated it did not like it Shelves: There are various kinds of inequities that exist in our country.

Beyond the call centre

The third section looks at conflicts of class and criticises inequalities in Indian society and arguments that have been used to justify them. Higher education History books reviews. Ashutosh Sharma Certified Buyer 15 Jun, Just why vital events from his life occupy a particular place in the documentary is not explained. But as a popular academic book that touches on issues that ought to be of intense interest both within argumentqtive without India, I highly recommend it.


He begins the book with the following words: Usually delivered in days? I beg to disagree.

Swaprava Nath 1 Nov, And even if he had named others, it would still have to be asked, if only for the sake of argument, whether they can be heard above the din of a media increasingly influenced by the Murdoch amadtya, and preoccupied with stock markets, information technology tycoons, beauty queens, Bollywood starlets, fashion models amartja other celebrities.

This is where things begin to come unstuck a bit. He also points out the abundance of atheist and agnostic texts in Sanskrit literature, which so many people seem to conveniently ignore to further their own motives and justify their beliefs. Even when women begin to work outside, they are expected to do the household work too.

Observer review: The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen | Books | The Guardian

Indiah Argumentative Indian is “a bracing sweep through aspects of Indian history and culture, and a tempered analysis of the highly charged disputes surrounding these subjects–the nature of Hindu traditions, Indian argumenttaive, the country’s huge social and economic disparities, and its current place in the world” Sunil Khilnani, Financial Times, U.

This is also the perfect example of the kind of book to not write. Certified BuyerNew Delhi. The Argumentative Indian is one of my all time favourites.

Although I would like a word against Mr. Aug 08, Neeraj Bali rated it really liked it.