In his last work, Alan Watts treats the Chinese philosophy of Tao in much the . What I got from The Watercourse Way was how utterly fucking cool Taoism is. In his later years, Alan Watts, noted author and respected authority on Zen and Eastern thought, turned his attention to Taoism. In this book, he draws on his own . This book by Alan Watts was given to me by my mentor before I left the States to It provides background knowledge on the Chinese Taoism.

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And this became the great way of studying, especially at the University of Nalanda[? We work for money, not for wealth. May 15, at 1: You’re all involved in it. But when the plans mature, and they come off, the people are not there to enjoy them.

A particle has Brief and insightful long essay on Taoism and Taoist thinking. But it is so, you see, that we ignore the valley aspect of things, and so all wisdom begins by emphasizing the valley aspect as distinct from the peak aspect.

There is no time. Augustin of Hipo was asked “What is time? And so it’s psychologically more condusive to liberation to remember that the thinker, or qatts feeler, or the experiencer, and the experiences are all together. warts

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They will say “Well, I woke up at about seven o’clock in the morning. When you hear a high sound, high note in the musical scale, you can’t see any holes in it–it’s going too fast–and it sounds completely continuous. However, Emperor Han Kao Tsu that came next ruled with a light touch only making clear that harsh punishment will be meted out of manslaughter, assault and thievery and the Han Empire lasted years.


If you can get that into your head and see that that is so, nobody needs to tell you that you ought not to grasp. When a one experiences oneself and the universe happening together, the other illusion one is liable to have is that it is determined in the sense that what is happening now follows necessarily from what happened in the past.

That means he has discovered that you don’t have to go anywhere to find nirvana. That’s the way being is made up. I’m speaking of a famous atheist. One can only attune to them and follow the course much like the coursewater. The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon, and the Way that can be named is not the eternal Way. And so because of the tyranny of this thing, we feel that we have a past, and we know who we are in terms of our past. And I want you to think about clocks and watches for a moment.

And this is an absolutely undeserved reputation. Lists with This Book. I am not saying, you see, that you should be improvident, that you shouldn’t have an insurance policy, that you shouldn’t be concerned about how you are going to send your children to college or whatever other thing may be useful for them.

A doing of a particular kind. Of couse, that’s a great puzzle. And such a one is said to have been Guatama, the son of a prince living in northern India, in a part of the world we now call Nepal, living shortly after BC.

Tao: The Watercourse Way by Alan W. Watts

Nothing is more confusing to the mind than taking words too slan. I was talking a great deal yesterday afternoon about the Buddhist additude to change, to death, to the transience of the world, and was showing that preachers of all kinds stir people up in the beginning by alarming them about change.

Don’t answer, because that would spoil the mystery. And there upon the entire cosmos is destroyed in fire, and in every soul the Lord wakes up again and discovers who he is, and abides for a pralaya of four million, three hundred and twenty thousand in a state of total bliss.


But there’s something curious–there can be a very fundamental change in one’s attitude to the question of the world as fading. You see, the truth of the matter is, as I have already intimated, there is no such thing as time.

The philosophy of change. It includes housing, it includes food, it includes art. Oct 18, Lucy Whitaker rated it really liked it.

Slan said the way of the functioning of the tao is “so of itself”; that is to say it is spontaneous.

Tao: The Watercourse Way

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Like the often-quoted Topsy, the idea ‘just growed’ when I laid out the four suits of the pack and began to taoism what it was all about. So Mao Tse Tung can say to all the Chinese, wtats live a great boring life and everybody wear the same clothes and work and carry around a little red book so that one day, some day perhaps it will be great.

What Is Tao?

Wouldn’t that be awful? Cosmic energy and matter reflect both. It’s the interval that’s the important thing. And you sell it and then they up your quota. There’s no way that I’m going to be presumptuous enough to review Alan Watts, but I will mention aln one thing among many that he helped me understand was the nature of “wu we Wow–that went quickly.