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This application allows documents to be send in several formats, linked to the tax return by the file number or electronic reference number. Vodafone dongle-early redemption penalty? The characters included in the following list should be used when filling out the form: Reply from the “Tax Man” – 1 posts.

Thus, the effective registration date will be moodelo date when it is modlo in printed form at the Tax Agency offices. Lentils for New Year’s Eve.

A form should also be submitted for modifications or removal from the register. Form – Form On-line processing.

This site uses cookies. Please let us know. Bear in mind that this file must be constructed in plain text format. Tax man will want to know why you are not declaring your quarterly taxes and Mr.

I have only been in Spain for 9 months, so haven’t done a tax return yet, so haven’t needed to register yet. I am in the process of buying a scooter and have been told that in order to be able to get the scooter registered and plated, I need to have been registered at the tax office Agencia Tributaria.

Our Weekly Email Digest. If you do not have a file for completion, you should enter the reason for filing the tax return and the pages corresponding to the cause or causes previously stated. Latest blog posts Ryanair cabin crew announce three strikes in January.


If this term elapses without the full declaration being presented, it will be cancelled. At the bottom of the form, click on “Validate”. Go to the link “Online completion and filing of ” in the “Filing” section. Spain Money Saving Tips and Offers. Once you have filled in the details in the form, the application will be generated in PDF, which you can print in order to submit wherever necessary together with the necessary documents.

BOE 31 – diciembre – Form also allows you to save the tax return generated with our form in order to subsequently recover it “SAVE” button.

Roadside assistance – 0 posts. BOE 29 – noviembre – Forms and on paper must be submitted at the Tax Agency office, or if this is not possible, the Tax Agency branch corresponding to the taxpayer’s tax address at the time of filing.

Electronic filing of Form If this term elapses without the full declaration being presented, it will be cancelled. You can save it on your computer and should print it for submission at the Tax offices or Branch corresponding to your tax address, accompanied with the required documentation in each case, where the census form will be recorded as final. You can also make changes to the census details if you log in with a digital certificate or ClavePIN in the section “My census details” on the E-Office.

Spanish social security – is it worth signing up?

Car registration plates – 9 posts. Forms and How do you go about registering at the tax office and what documents do you need? The characters included in the following list should be used when filling out the form: A PDF document will be modeol including the receipt number, reference number, date and time with the pages of the census form in which any data has been entered.


Citizen – Company Place of presentation Online. Click on the button “Examine If you need to consult any queries regarding tax matters, you can call 33 55 33 for Tax Information or go in person to your Tax Agency Office or Branch.

Electronic Office – Tax Agency:

To present the requested documents, access with digital certificate or ClavePIN through the option “Submit complementary 0377. Click on “Complete, validate and obtain in PDF for printing “.

For online filing of Formthe Tax Agency provides a form to be filled in online and sent directly. Aat post or abuse? I guess you need to do register to enable you to do “La declaracion de la renta” each year.

Registering with the Spanish Tax Office

Click on the link for forms and to access the full list of procedures. Centro Cultural, Quesada – is there an e-mail address? If you click ‘Save’, an NIF. Previous Threads PM from rememberme The result of a correctly filed return will always be a reply sheet with a text: If you have any questions when filling in the tax return, consult the “Information and Assistance” for the form. In these cases, the filing receipt the taxpayer will obtain will contain a notice highlighting that the filing will not take effect until the required documentation is presented and verified.