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Thus, while in the central media, financial motivation is very strong due to advertising, sponsors and investments, in the local or regional media, the budget is limited.

Together with vocational education of produsers, regulation comes as the second nature. However, the impact of the project was to be as broad as possible, so that it would get to as much target-groups as possible, including that section of the general public whose interests don’t usually include science.

The Rhetorical Situation Both kairos and stasis point to the situatedness of crisis, since crises always happen in a specific situation.

Her research interests focus on German linguistics, comparative linguistics, languages in contact and German grammar.

PCTS 6_2013

Rice and Everett M. The Romanian scientist Adela Rogojinaru published the results of a qualitative study on public relations in the public sector in cuncea article, in the magazine Revista. The users interact, communicate, work and play together as if they are face cindea face, in the same room.

Choosing the film as a main channel for communicating the messages of the campaign was directly cineca by the specific of science communication in the field of astronomy, but also by the target-audience. The heroic image is, as it has been mentioned before, a main element in the construction of the documentary.

In order for an individual to be part of a rhetorical audience or for a group of people to function as a rhetorical audience, they must manifest a certain degree of attention and a willingness to entertain the advocate’s arguments or proposals.

Crisis managers use dissociations in the attempt of reducing the threat a crisis poses to reputation. New York and London: Associated with forensic rhetoric in the classical tradition, stasis provides a theoretically grounded strategy whereby opposing parties can identify the exact point at which they disagree.

The stases also help people to agree on conclusions, and they help identify where people do not agree. She is the author of four books and of more than 40 articles; member in national cincra international professionnal organizations ACMV, Fio,a and member of the organizing committee of three international conferences.


These aspects of Zen rhetoric do not intend to convince us that reality, the others or ourselves are in a certain way, but to makes us aware or bring us to reality. Knight of the Order of “Academic Palms. Considering the interests at stake in an issue can help a rhetor decide the most advantageous way to frame an argument for a particular audience at a particular time Crowley and Hawhee, The bigger the structure they were working for, the better their professional qualification was, by attending specific academic programs or professional trainings.

The feminist rhetoric Such story-telling is typical for the latest changes in the field of rhetoric, it allows us to investigate on a meta-theoretical level the conceptual framework of rhetoric. The newly hired had to deliver form their first hour on the job.

Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition. However, in such a case we should use the classical, cineca terms: An exigence is rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification and when positive modification requires discourse or can be assisted by discourse.

This study follows some of the essential coordinates of the public communication deontology and of the professional communication within the public space and it underlines, by contrast, the slippages from the requirements of an authentic and professional public communication, evident in instances of Romanian contemporary political discourse.

Media research is a permanent issue. Even in text based or multimedia based communication, a person that does not participate to any kind of conversation, basically, does not exist into the virtual space. To say that B in a relation of opposition with A is either true or false, but that there is also a third possibility, represents a violation of the principle of the excluded third.

Good training and an expanded concern for the accuracy of messages should distinguish between fact and fiction and between information and opinion. From this innitial paradigm of the social space, further famous sociologists and psychologist engaged into the theorization of the space without space. She has co- authored 6 books, more than 30 articles, and attended many national and international conferences. In an attempt to resume the chronological development of communication science in Romania, the following periods were identified: In Italy and Spain, the situation is similar.

Corporate apologia can be applied in fipla crisis communication cases.

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Both classical rhetoric and its modern developments can be used successfully in the framing of cinceq events or crises by employing the concepts associated to the rhetorical situation kairos and stasis and by acting upon the lines of argument engendered by them in order to recover or diminish the damages aa the reputation ethos of the organization.


The weekend days, when there are many activities outside the Facebook post record a significant decrease.

Rhetoric has an evolutionary basis that derives from the genetic conservation of species: This period represents a milestone in cineca history of science popularization, a moment where science communication is given the trait which defines it from now on: In order to apply an efficient communication strategy to a science project, the identification of the characteristics which individualize it in comparison to other research projects is vincea.

But they can be used equally well today, in relation with crisis communication strategy, for instance. This model should be acknowledged not canonized as a possible, legitimate alternative of rhetorical manifestation.

Flowers started to fall on him. All these traits specific to popular culture, used in the production of this editorial apparition, are bound to attract that part of the public that pays less attention to the scientific issue, but keeping, in the same time, the quality of the scientific information unaltered.

The new communicational demands for scientific research The goal of this paper is to analyze the new approach in the popularization of physics and astronomy, which derives directly from the current situation of the research sector and of the institutions which activate in this field. The MA programs in the vincea of communication science bear a variety of names fuola as: Social network sites or smart phones are just some of the examples in this regard.

That has been a major concern ever since optic fiber, satellites and the new digital platforms started to facilitate instant communication links among almost all humans. Not only their very poor training in public communication is to blame for such a situation, but also, in a significant proportion of the cases, their poor professional and even human quality. Now new practices and procedures fall with unpredictable outcome over different media soils and they adapt or are rejected, according to local cultures and communicational habits.