Best podcast stories

best podcast stories

Podcasts, audio stories, radio — whatever you call them, was a The best podcast episodes & audio journalism of the year, as chosen. Whether they're in the style of old radio dramas or an entirely new format, these scripted fiction podcasts will keep you entertained for hours and. best podcasts. 5. Sword and Scale. Sword and Scale tells stories of murder, rape, kidnapping, and more serious crimes, and looks at how the justice system. Julia Dulia on February 21, at 3: On the next Snap Each week they interview celebs—everyone from Tom Hanks to Lena Dunham. To be honest, StartUp lost us a bit somewhere between their second and fourth season. Everything Is Stories explores unconventional narratives of the past and present to preserve the eccentric, the authentic, and the personal. Twice a week, standup comic Dave Anthony tells Gary Reynolds the life story of one extraordinary figure in American history — such as President Andrew Jackson, who was given a giant cheese that stank out the entire White House. They were also along the many experts who were way off about their predictions for the election results.

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Top 10 Best Podcasts This has built up quite a following, with fan art, Etsy pages and a sell-out run of T-shirts all profits go to charity. Since each episode deals with a different, often very random question, I recommend scrolling through and clicking on whichever one strikes your fancy. The team look into a number of demonic and ghostly occurrences which gradually appear to have some sort of chilling connection to each. Julia Dulia on February 21, at 3: Maybe you prefer short stories, a variety of sc frei and varying settings in your audio fiction podcasts. The difference is that Snap Judgmentwhich is produced by NPR and hosted by Glynn Washington, accompanies these stories with music, usually making for an experience more along the lines of slam poetry. best podcast stories

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From Making Oprah to Trumpcast and My Dad Wrote a Porno, here are the most brilliant, essential listens of the year. The podcast is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist. Stand-up comedian, Talking Dead host and famed nerd Chris Hardwick hosts this podcast with his friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener play an army vet and his therapist who come together as part of a strange and maybe-sinister new government program. Julia Dulia on February 21, at 3: His name is Sissy Goodwin and he dresses in women's clothing. An episode could cover some unsolved mystery or dig into a conspiracy theory surrounding a closed case. Take a listen and learn about the history of nutrition , utopia and extinction in America. Benedict Hardie tells the story of his first love and first heartbreak: The grass is perfectly flat and refreshments are ready to be served- let the games begin. Anna Sale is a gift to the world. From Making Oprah to Trumpcast and My Dad Wrote a Porno, here are the most brilliant, essential listens of the year by Stuart Heritage , Hannah Verdier , Will Dean , Leah Harper , Jason Phipps , Fred McConnell , Rowan Slaney , Gwilym Mumford , Melissa Locker and Laurence Phelan. Even the title is confusing: Something really special clicks between Gethard and the caller, and not just because Americans love an Australian accent. Customer Service Site Map Privacy Policy Ad Choices Terms of Use Your California Privacy Rights Careers. This podcast is a mixed bag of some of the best ones. When arriving early to school he used to flip baseball cards with buddies and he felt no greater rush than coming to the game with five cards and leaving with a hundred. Alums of the show have since branched out, many establishing other pods on this list—all while adopting that famous Ira Glass voice. Newest Oldest Longest Shortest Random show series. The focus of Limetown is to get to the bottom of what happened in a small American town 10 years ago when over people vanished without a trace. Erik, writer at Bello Collective Hsv mainz 05 Sriram is fantastic as Nicky, and see if you can pick out Broadway favorite Gideon Glick from the ensemble. Your email address will not be published. Join Ben Hamm and Dahlia Beta as they explore the stories no one ever tells. The first story in particular hit me hard, as it questions the American ideal of the stoic male and explores how expressing emotion can literally save lives.

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